December 18, 2018

Finally, I moved forward with my life! Ahead from the hopes that Mr. Almost Perfect and I would ever speak again, let alone be an item. He regularly viewed the content I posted on social media but never said anything about them. But I finally got my happy back, forget...

December 10, 2018

I called my cousin upset on the phone; this was the first time I was telling her about Mr. Almost Perfect. The story started off on a high, then ended low. ‘He dey crase, no mind am. Maybe his real babe has come back into the picture that is why he no longer calls you....

November 25, 2018

John Legend must have thought about Mr. Almost Perfect and me when he coined the lyrics to his hit song, All of Me. That was the exact way I was feeling about Mr. Almost Perfect. He knew the right things to say and when to say it. He had a lot of empathy for me about t...

November 21, 2018

It felt good for me to finally catch someone’s attention after what seemed like a yearlong drought in a new city. I wasn’t all attracted to Mr. Not so Perfect, he wasn’t my type, but I decided to be open minded. People have accused me of being too protective of my hear...

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