"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

Zig Ziglar

Is it Important to Spend time with God?

Why we need to constantly sit at the feet of Jesus I woke up this morning and read a chapter in the book of Acts; it was sharing a story of how people had captured Peter and John (Jesus’s disciples) and were interrogating them. When Peter and John spoke in defense of what they were being accused of (Acts 4), the people marveled, because they knew both men were uneducated or inexperienced to speak so eloquently. And then they realized that these men had been with Jesus (light bulb moment). This brief stint at my quiet time this morning brings me to an article that I want to share with you guys today, that has to do with spending time with God. As Christians, it is very important that we give

How to Get over a Break-up

Breakups are hard to deal with, but moving forward can prove even harder. How then can we overcome this age-old epidemic? Who else has heard this myth—to get over a man/woman, is to get under a new one? Breaking up sucks! It hits you like a ton of bricks. The world around you all of a sudden seems so dark, with no hope of a possible ray of sunlight. As adults, most of us would have experienced some type of heartbreak or disappointment from a partner. People often spend months and months, brooding over the loss of love, depending on the longevity of the broken relationship. Image courtesy of Unsplash Some people become cold because of what others have done to them, others become closed off, a

Let's Talk about Character

It is important to know a person’s behavior before you commit to them. How important is a person’s character when it comes to relationships? Can you be with someone whose character stinks? Or can you overlook some character flaws, just because the person appears to be perfect in other areas? What are your deal breakers when it comes to this topic? Today’s post is the part 2 of our Let’s Talk Series, where we explore topics you need to consider before committing to a long-term relationship. The first part was Let’s Talk about Commitment, be sure to check that out if you haven’t. Our topic today has to do with a person's character. Image courtesy of Unsplash Character can be defined as the men

You are Priceless!

4 Thoughts to help you get your Self-Esteem back on track “Mirror mirror, mirror on the wall, telling those lies, pointing out your flaws, that isn’t who you are, there’s more to who you are.” Music lyrics come to me naturally when I am doing my writing. And what is more amazing is that it always fits within the box, of the message I am trying to pass across. The above lyrics is gotten from the hit song (8.4M views on YouTube) from the Christian rock band; For King & Country, titled Priceless. The song encourages people dealing with self-esteem issues. In today’s world, it is very easy for you to have low self-esteem. A lack of self-esteem may be as a result of many things like; joblessness,

Is Social Media Affecting the Way We live our Lives?

Why should be intentional about the time we spend on social media Welcome to another edition of wisdom weekly! Today's post is all about social media. How we use it (positively & negatively), how it can affect our mental health, and why we should use it in moderation. With the rise of social media in recent years, a lot of us have bought into the virtual reality that these online platforms have offered us. We are more concerned with what the people online are doing or saying, rather than those around us. Although these platforms are termed “social”, they have made us less social/ interactive with the people who are physically present with us. One of my pet peeves is hanging out with a group

Dear African Man

I am not less than simply because I am female. I have always heard about women being mistreated because of their gender. Some African men say things like “I am not going to deal with you, call your husband." I never came to terms with that kind of thinking in 2018, that a man, an African man, wouldn’t want to liaise with a woman, simply because she is just that---a woman. This article is a collection of experiences, that I and some women I know have experienced while living in Africa, Nigeria to be precise. Image courtesy of Unsplash My Experience At a restaurant one day with a friend of mine, where we went to have dinner, a certain celebrity almost tripped and in the process nearly poured h

Let's Talk About Commitment

Five questions you should ask your potential partner to see if they are the commitment type. Welcome to the first part of our Let's Talk Series, where we explore different topics as it pertains to relationships. This promises to be an exciting one! so buckle up your seat-belts, and enjoy the ride! Relationships don’t have to be complicated; it should be a fun phase in your life, where you are trying to figure out if you will work well with someone in the long-run. It should be full of laughter and intentionality, not games and lack of commitment. I am a firm believer that everyone should know what they are getting themselves into from the beginning. If everyone were to be honest from the get

Wisdom Weekly: Peace of Mind

Why we shouldn’t trade in our peace for anything else Welcome to another edition of Wisdom Weekly, here we work to bring things that inspire you, to hopefully nudge you in the right path, if you are not already going that way, or maybe you haven’t just thought about things in the way we may present them to you. Today’s article has to do with peace of mind. Peace is one of the most important quality of life that we will get to experience here on earth. I also believe that peace is a gift, given to us to be able to navigate this crazy world when things get chaotic. Peace is a state of tranquility; it also means freedom of disturbance. I remember growing up, when we would disturb my mother, by

Dealing With an Unexpected Loss

How do you get back up again, when life hits you with a curveball? Loss of any kind isn’t a good feeling. The loss of a job, a house, money, friendship, or even a business deal can hit you real hard. But what will you do when the loss that comes your way isn’t something that can be replaced? At about this time, nine years ago, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. The whole family was filled with dread and fear, as the doctors revealed to us, that there was nothing they could do to salvage the situation. Image courtesy of Unsplash Honestly when we rang in the New Year in January of 2009, I never in my wildest dreams or imaginations, thought the year would end with my mo

Can a Society survive Without God?

Why we need Christ as the standard of morality in today's world. Recently an article has been making its rounds on social media, about a medical student who gave a TEDx talk on the topic of Pedophilia. What I gathered from the message she was trying to convey was that pedophiles can’t help who they are attracted to. Just as Heterosexuality (people attracted to the opposite sex) is a sexual orientation, she argues pedophilia is also a sexual orientation. While she doesn’t condone their behavior, she asks that they shouldn’t be shunned from society. A lot of people in the medical field have come out to debunk her claims. Like Dr. Daniel Amen who told CBN News that pedophiles have different br

Friends Like Family

Choosing the right people to do life with, is important for you to thrive. I heard international friendship day is just right around the corner and I am so excited about it. While looking for inspiration to write this article, the hit song by Sister Sledge, “we are family” kept on playing in my mind and it reminded me of the friends I have, who I now consider as family. Friendships after family are one of the most important relationships we would cultivate in life. Our friends become mirror images of who we are. Ever heard the saying; “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are?” that is why intentionality has to come into play while choosing friends. My friends & I at a wedding in

Movie with a Message: Breathe

When “in sickness and in health, & for better for worse, becomes your reality.” We love covering movies here on Let’s Talk Nation that are inspirational. From underdog stories to superhero and to romance films, our aim here is to bring you entertainment, which is not only entertaining, but also inspiring. I am a big lover of romance movies ( Hello! self proclaimed hopeful romantic here!), and mostly just watch them because I want to see two people fall in love. These stories usually start off as boy meets girl, boy may not be in girl’s league, but girl wants boy, and girl's family doesn’t want boy. Boy then fights for girl and they end up together and sail into the sunset, living happily eve

Wisdom Weekly: The Importance of Loving Others

How loving people can be beneficial to a society Welcome to another edition of wisdom weekly! I enjoy updating this segment of the website, as I always learn in the process. Today is all about love and its relevance to our society. So let's talk about love! “People killing, people dying, children hurting, you hear them crying, can you practice what you preach, would you turn the other cheek? Father, Father, Father, help us, send some guidance from above, cause people got me, got me questioning, where is the love?” This was one of my favorite songs back in the day! The lyrics to the hit Black Eyed Peas song that came out in the early 2000s is so shocking to still be relevant to this day, abou



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