"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

Zig Ziglar

Loss: Part 2

Oya madam come with us! A Nigerian immigration official said to me. Oh, Lord! I thought this was all over. I just want to go home and cry myself to sleep. So tell us what happened, the officials tried to probe me for some information. In my weakness, I had to explain my ordeal to them. Okay madam we hear you, they answered me. But we will have to seize your passport, for now, then you will answer to our bosses. What? After all the stress I went through in Atlanta? These people think I have the energy for more wahala. Read Part 1 Here Madam look eh, I am not feeling fine, I haven't eaten for two days, and I can't afford any more stress. Please give me my passport so I can go home. Okay, it wi

Mr. Perfect: Part 7

Could He be Back for Good? ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey, you never know, dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.’ That was how I felt after I received a text from Mr. Almost Perfect which said; ‘good morning sunshine!’ Our conversation the previous day he called me on the phone was great. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I could spend all day on the phone with Mr. Almost Perfect and not bat an eyelid. The night we caught up, I was previously talking to Maybe Mr. Right, and he expressed that he wanted to go to bed. After I got off the phone with him, then my almost perfect guy called. Read part 6 here! I felt like t

The Real Reason for the Season

Merry Christmas!! Can you believe the year is officially coming to a close? Gosh! I remember saying Happy New year to friends and family like it was yesterday, and I remember cuddling up on Christmas morning at my aunt’s house in 2017, with my cousin cooking up a storm, it was fun. Now we are here again, celebrating love, laughter, joy, faith, family, and hopefully the real reason, Jesus. Image courtesy of Unsplash Before Jesus ever walked this planet as a man, prophecies of old, told of His arrival: The Messiah, who would save humanity from all the hurt and pain. People needed hope; the world was plagued with idol worship. Mediums and sorcerers filled the earth. With people consulting them

Mr. Perfect: Part 6

Moving On I find myself putting in an extra effort to look cute to church these days. I still think about church crush, ‘What if I bump into him, would he even recognize me? Does he remember asking if I belonged to a community group? What are the odds of us sitting next to each other again? I don’t know, but as Mr. Not so Perfect advised me: Que sera sera, whatever would be, would be. Read Part 5 Here Finally, I moved forward with my life! Ahead from the hopes that Mr. Almost Perfect and I would ever speak again, let alone be an item. He regularly viewed the content I posted on social media but never said anything about them. But I finally got my happy back, forget you Mr. Almost Perfect! I

The Ugly side of Entrepreneurship: Part 2

When I noticed that the business was not retaining money at the end of the month, my solution was to add more cars, because, in my foolish logic, more cars equaled more revenue, but because I could not track expenses, I could not stop the bleeding. Every time I complained to my wife that the business needs more money, she would always ask the same question that I could not answer: “what are your expenses?” Then we will get into an argument. Read Part 1 here And I would still say her expectations for the business were too high. The business was too young to be expected to be financially sustainable. She would always tell me that I was emotionally attached to the business (which was 100% true)

The Ugly side of Entrepreneurship: Part 1

One fateful night, on our way back from visiting my In-laws, with tears in my eyes, I was forced by my wife/business partner to face the bitter reality, my business at its current state was dying, and I was the infection killing it. Image courtesy of Unsplash The Beginning Six months before my wedding, I was getting ready to take my first business trip to China. My first business was a little over a year old, and it was doing well enough to pay for my trip to China. My father-in-law who I consider to be one of my mentors took me to the kitchen and told me that I needed to start a new business on my own, I was about to get married, and I needed another stream of income. I spent the following

Wisdom Weekly: Why Suffering?

My People Perish because of Lack of Knowledge.’ God When I used to dream of becoming a Christian apologist, I would watch countless videos of people debating the Christian faith. Atheist, scientists, agnostics, antagonists, protagonists (I am totally kidding about the last two). They almost always came up with this question: Why suffering? If Christians claim to serve a God who is so good, and loving, then why does He let people suffer? They were referring to poverty, sickness, death, natural disasters and so on. I hope to shed some insight on this topic today. I am not an apologist (at least not yet), I do not claim to know it all, neither did Jesus Christ appear to me, to give me the answe

Movie with a Message: I can Only Imagine

Movie with a message is back! With an all-new exciting film. To update this segment of the website is one of the most challenging things I have to do for LTN. But I love movies, and it’s my passion. That is why it is a part of the LTN brand. And who knows, this segment might give birth to something more prominent in the future. Who else missed this segment of the website? Today’s movie of focus is titled—I Can Only Imagine. This title comes from the hit song by the same name, written and performed by the Christian rock band, MercyMe. The movie is about the lead singer’s (Bart Millard) journey to stardom if we might call it that. Bart grew up in a small town. As a little boy, he witnessed his

Should You Get Married? Part 2

How long have you been dating him/her? One year and 10 months. That's it. That's how long it took from when we met to when we got married. 22 months. People usually argue about the longevity of a relationship before getting married, or the validity of that relationship based on how long you have been together. How long should you wait before you get married after you have met someone? What’s the acceptable time frame? Do you date for at least 3 years before "I do", do you have to live with them for a certain amount of time? After the proposal what is the engagement period? Do you do a 5-year engagement? We are all focused on the wrong factor, quantity. Read Part 1 Here The truth is there isn

Should You Get Married? Part 1

So should you get married? Some of you might say YES, others might say NO, but I believe the answer is much more complicated than we think or maybe I should say less straightforward. I am not sure anyone can truly answer that question, even those that are in successful marriages. I mean, there are just so many variables, so many moving parts (don’t get me started on dealing with human beings and how complicated our feelings and emotions can be). Look, I don’t know if the idea of marriage is overrated and outdated. I don’t know how realistic it is in this current society. I don't know if it is possible to maintain and successfully manage a relationship for the long term. However, if I may, pl



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