"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

Zig Ziglar

Why You Need a Purpose Partner

We have finally come into the month of love! Can you all believe it’s February already? In about two weeks from now, social media will be filled with pictures and videos of people showing what their loved ones got or did for them. If you are single like me, this may feel a little depressing, with you looking up to the heavens and screaming: ‘God when is it going to be my turn?’ Okay, that is a bit dramatic, but you get my drift. So if you are not yet boo’d up, and you are looking forward to the day, you will mutter these words ‘I do,’ then this post is for you! We still have time to gather the necessary skills, to choose the best partner for us. Not just a life partner, but a purpose partner

Loss: Part 3

‘So Evi have you applied for the NYSC program?’ Yes, daddy, I reluctantly answered my father, I should be going to the orientation camp, with the next batch, in a few months. Lord knows I didn’t want to serve my motherland through the NYSC program. For those who are not familiar with this acronym, it stands for National Youth Service Corps. Every Nigerian, who graduates college, before the age of 30 years, has to undergo this one year program before they can legally work in the country. Although there are some few exceptions. Unfortunately, I graduated college way before I ever dreamt of turning 30, so I was stuck with this program, that I dreaded with a passion. Read Part 2 Here Image court


In my time of prayer one day, the word gatekeeper, popped up in my spirit. I started praying about it from the standpoint of God being our g


In my time of prayer one day, the word gatekeeper, popped up in my spirit. I started praying about it from the standpoint of God being our gatekeeper. If He assumed that position, then He wouldn’t let any situation that is not good for us, come into our lives. A Gatekeeper is someone who has the responsibility of letting people in and out of a facility. It could be a home, a company, some restricted areas, and the list is endless. Today we are going to talk about being the gatekeeper for your life. Let’s Talk! Image courtesy of Unsplash In the Bible, kings and rulers appointed people with the responsibility of guarding a city or temple. These people had to be trustworthy people because they

Wisdom Weekly: Start with Why

Young people often surround me; I am the oldest of all my siblings and cousins in my generation. One thing I know which plagues them, after they are done with college, is what they are going to do with their lives. When they come to me, seeking advice, I always ask them what their passion is, what keeps their mind active, what impact they want to make on the world. When they answer, or if they can answer my questions, the next step is advising them to start with why! This phrase became popular, well to me, after I discovered the author and speaker, Simon Sinek. He explains why we need to have a why behind what we want to do. Why in the context of this article or topic, can be likened to havi

Movie With a Message: Dangal

I watched this awesome movie, last month, and couldn’t wait to share my take on it with you all. Movie with a message is one of my passion projects on this platform, as a storyteller myself, I love traveling with the characters, on their journeys to discover their purpose. Everyone needs to see this incredible film. It is in Hindi but has English subtitles, and it is almost three hours long, but it is well worth it. Now let’s get to the story. Mr. Mahavir and his girls There was this man, in India, who was a national champion when it came to wrestling. He loved the sport so much but wasn’t getting the financial support that should come with such a career. He was winning medals, but no cash f

Small Girl, Big Dreams, Large City (Pt.3)

A small business is never easy. This was me, fresh out of school deciding to be a pseudo entrepreneur. Pseudo, because my mother owned the business, but I was the brains behind it. She more or less left everything to me but she was the investor, and I was on a salary. That did not stop me from registering a business name. One of the perks of working with my mother was that her business gave me a customer base to work with. I did not need to buy equipment because she already had everything. Orders were coming in mostly from people we knew; they wanted my new designs. Now they could get something different that was not so pricey. Read Part 2 Here I began to feel restless when the orders coming

Spotlight: Abisoye Ajayi & Pearls Africa Foundation

Providing functional skills to young girls, thus improving their quality of life I first heard about Abisoye when she was a nominee of the CNN Heroes program. A lot of Nigerians on my timeline, where soliciting for fellow Nigerians to vote for her so that she could win that honorable position with CNN. Although she ended up not winning, she was one of the top ten honorees, and won a place in my heart, when I learned about the work she does through her foundation: Pearls Africa. When I discover people like this, my heart is usually drawn to them, because the non-profit/charitable industry, is something I am interested in. The industry shows that not all hope is lost, there are still people ou

Could this be Emotional Abuse?

The definition of emotional abuse according to Healthy Place is any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth. I never knew what emotional abuse was as a child; I only heard about physical violence. I didn’t yet have a term for people attempting to tear you down and control you with their words. In high school, I got bullied by people I desperately wanted to be my friends. Looking back, I can only wonder how they learned that behavior. Maybe it was something they saw at home; perhaps it was their father speaking to their mother that way or vice versa. It could have

Work-Life Balance or Not?

I tend not to agree with the Work-Life Balance term, and I think what does not work for me is the word Balance itself. I mean, the very definition of balance suggests equality. The way I see it is like this: imagine a seesaw and imagine Life sitting on one end and Work on the other. Going by this Work-Life Balance idea, the lever is supposed to remain stable, horizontal, perfectly aligned. Image courtesy of Unsplash However, for the seesaw game to be fun, the parties sitting on either side of the lever cannot be of the same weight. They have to be unequal, imbalanced so it can move up and down and have you squeal in panic or joy, depending on how much courage you possess. Now, imagine the le



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