"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

Zig Ziglar

Tomorrow Will Come Soon Enough

Eva sat watching the buzz around her. Everyone seemed to have something going on except for her. What was on with her though was the feeling of being out of place. It was now clear to her, in all the chaos, she absolutely did not belong there. And while that realization hit hard, she was glad the writing was on the wall finally. Image courtesy of Unsplash It was a night out with the supposed gang, and this apartment was the hub. Everyone was to meet there, and they ’d carpool to wherever they would be spending the night— drinking, dancing and playing catch-up. For some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to join in the fun. She would give anything at that moment to be away at her apartment or

Should Red Flags Be Ignored In Relationships?

Well, that is easy enough. The answer is NO, do not ignore red flags. I mean it’s a red flag, right? Red usually signifies danger ahead, a no-go area, to stop! Case in point, if you were at a traffic signal and the lights indicated red, you would most likely stop – unless under extreme or unique circumstances. Nine times out of ten you know the right thing to do in that situation. Why should it be any different with love and relationships? I know when it comes to love relationships things are not quite as straightforward, but a similar principle should still be approached. It really should, because if not (and this applies to both cases above) the consequences could be detrimental – physical

Never Enough?

Oh! The pressure, the pressure to succeed. Such a push to be this or that, to be doing this or accomplishing that. Culture, society, friends, family and even foes constantly remind us consciously or unconsciously, that we may not be the best that we can be. We are raised, believing certain types of jobs are the way to go, that certain ages are milestone ages whereby, this or that must have been achieved and the world conquered. The pressure to be the best, the most handsome or most beautiful, the smartest person in the room or the richest, basically, be successful. All of these for a minute now has had me wondering, while we can’t control the world at large, we can start with our little corn

Wisdom Weekly: Train Up a Child

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he grows old, he shall not depart from it.” The Importance of Bringing up Your Children in The Way of The Lord The times we are living in are terrifying times. I can’t open up my YouTube app, without seeing one debate or the other about; if different types of families (like families who have same-sex or transgendered parents) should be taught in primary schools, or if a child feels they are trapped in the wrong body, should they be allowed to start their transition early? All of these talks and debates that are going on are not only an attack on the traditional family but also children. I have heard people say—I worry for the children I wil

Don't Be Afraid To Walk Away

Why women should be encouraged to leave abusive situations Most of us have stayed in relationships a little longer than we ought to for various reasons. For some, it might be the fear of being alone, while for others, they might have been in the situation for years, and don’t know where to begin without the other person. If you are in a situation or relationship, that is abusive, or no longer serving the right purpose, don’t be afraid to walk away. Image courtesy of Pexels Many questions run through our minds when we are contemplating a break-up. For me, it went something like this—what if I remain single for the rest of my life? What will people say? Will anyone ever sweep me off my feet? W

Dear Christian: Don't Shy away From Difficult Questions

I was in a bible study class one day, and someone said they had seen a question on social media, which asked if God existed. The leader of the class, quickly said he didn’t buy into such garbage, and sort of dismissed the question. I feel such questions are legitimate questions. If a person did not have the privilege of being raised in a Christian home or being around Christians, questions like that would be raised. I think as Christians, especially here in Nigeria, when we think about evangelism or winning souls for Christ, we often associate that with going to impoverished communities or reaching out to the believers, we feel have put Christianity on the back burner. Image courtesy of Raw

Movie With a Message: Brain On Fire

A friend of mine’s sister-in-law got sick lately. They couldn’t quite articulate what was wrong with her. A series of testing and an induced coma later, revealed that she had a neurological autoimmune disease (anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis), where your antibodies are fighting your brain. The doctors who took up her case advised her husband to watch a movie titled—Brain on Fire, to properly understand what his wife was dealing with. Thankfully she is fine now, but I want to bring awareness to the movie, for shedding light on this rare disease, which can help more people. Susannah Cahalan was a young writer working with the New York Post. She was great at what she did, and her boss (portraye

Why do Good Girls Love Bad Boys?

When I thought about writing this article, I wondered to myself if this was still a thing. I remember while I was back in college, maybe in my second year or so, saying I wanted a bad boy! You know a guy who had swag, who knew how to dress and handle women. I was about 20 years old then. There was this guy I was occasionally seeing who was the definition of a bad guy. He had multiple women, drank, smoked, and didn’t go to church. In fact one day, my brother not knowing the identity of the person I was seeing said to me—I don’t like the guy you are with, because he is making you not go to church anymore. In those days, I only attended church because I didn’t want to lie to my mom when she cal


Is Sexual Abuse the New Expression of Love? With the rise of the MeToo movement, women and men alike have come out with stories of sexual abuse against their perpetrators. Their stories usually absent of violence reveals how the accused groomed them into doing things that they didn’t want to do. Some have accused Bill Cosby of using drugs, to knock them out first, before having sex with them, and others have accused the likes of Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and R.Kelly of committing heinous sexual crimes against them. The latest to join this league of extraordinary not-so gentlemen is superstar, Michael Jackson. His accusers reveal that he groomed them, and explained to them that whatever



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