"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

Zig Ziglar

Things To Consider, Before Getting Serious With Someone You are Dating

Everyone loves to love and wants to be in love at some point in their lives because, let’s face it, that is how we were created. Be it love from a significant other, a parent, sibling, or friend, as humans we thrive when there is love present in our lives. As a self-acclaimed, hopeful romantic, I want to be in love with someone who will love me back. Since I long for a genuine relationship with my one-day spouse, I have to be careful with the people I let into that space. image courtesy of pexels The dating period should be an evaluation period, I like to say. It should be a time when you are weighing certain character traits and seeing if they fit into your future. Don’t rush into a relatio

Do You Believe In The Concept of "The One"? (Part 2)

Read Part 1 Here Image courtesy of Pexels “I do not believe there is just one. I believe that God is so great that he’s allowed his glory to shine through situations and imperfect people; it’s almost like choosing what you want to eat for dinner. The purpose of food is what? To be full. Whether you eat poundo [yam], feel good and feel full or eat Chinese, and are also full with have tummy pains. The fact remains that you know your stomach and what you can tolerate. Same with marriage. You know you’re a sensitive person, and then you’re carrying Mr. Sarcastic around Dallas. He’s throwing you sarcasm here and there, and you’re crying at night.” That absolutely makes no sense. “Plenty have love

Do You Believe In The Concept of "The One?" (Part 1)

I was just having a conversation with my fiancée, and I asked her if she thought I was “the one.” I have never asked her this before. Anyways, I have been trying to write on this topic for about two weeks and have been experiencing some serious writer’s block, but her response really opened up a chest of possibilities for me. One moment I did not know how to possibly write about such a riveting and popular topic another moment I was juggling the multitude of directions I could take such a monstrosity of a discussion. Image courtesy of Pexels Background Story So, the Chief Lady, Head, Oga (Boss) of Let’s Talk Nation, my friend, my sister, Evi, posted a question to her followers and friends on

What Does it Mean To Be a Christian?

A Christian is someone who has accepted what Jesus did for them on the cross. They then decide to go on this lifelong journey with Him, as he reveals to them what their purpose is, what he has created them to do, and most importantly, make disciples of all men. (The great commission). A Christian is also someone who believes that the Bible is the written word of God, and observes to do all that is in it. (Josh 1:8). This person has also chosen not to live for themselves anymore, but to live for God. Image courtesy of pixabay As a Christian, you must show love to others, you must be kind, and you must be slow to anger. As a Christian, you realize that your body is now God’s temple, and you do

The Sacrificial Lamb

Today is Good Friday, many years ago on this day, Jesus was led to the cross, to give up his life for humanity. The Bible says about this—like sheep, he was led to be slaughtered, and he did not retaliate. The old way of doing things was going to be done away with forever. What his sacrifice did, was that it opened up the way for the Jews to have an open relationship with God. God also took it a step further; he made it possible for everyone who isn’t of Jewish heritage, to join in on the fun. Image courtesy of Pexels Now there is no longer a need for a high priest to offer sacrifices on behalf of people, because Christ did it, once and for all (Hebrews 10:1-18). We have direct access to the

The Disciples are Just Like Us

Who remembers when US Weekly (a US magazine) had a segment that was titled —the stars are just like us? Underneath this feature, they gave us different reasons why celebrities where just like the average Joe. They highlighted the kind of food they ate, where they got their groceries, and the type of cars they drove. That way people were able to relate with these elite group of people that seemed so out of reach. It made you feel better if George Clooney shopped for groceries at Walmart or if Jennifer Aniston, ate burgers for lunch. The purpose of their segment was relatability. Image courtesy of Pexels There is a certain power that is dispersed when you can relate to something or someone. Yo

Jesus & The Samaritan Woman

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Their Encounter Easter is open us and all the festivities would soon start, to mark the remembrance of what Christ did for humanity on the cross. Following this event which kicks off on Friday, we will highlight the pivotal moments in Jesus’s ministry, to bring even more spotlight to His sacrifice and all that He has done for us. Image courtesy of Pexels Jesus met with a Samaritan woman when he took a detour from a trip. She was surprised that a Jew would take his time off to speak with her. (This story can be found in John 4) From their encounter, I discovered five things we could learn from it and decided to share with you guys today. So here goes: “Give me a dr

Nurse Regina: Part 2

Two weeks had gone by after the episode with the pregnant teenager, and yet Nurse Regina felt uneasy. Thoughts of the girl burdened her mind for days. What was she doing? What was her mother doing about the pregnancy? Who was the father? How did she even get into this mess? Was she raped? Or was she just a plain naïve girl who decided to test the waters that seemed to be drowning her now? Those were the thoughts that pushed her to search through files for their address. Her shift was over, and she was on her way to their house immediately, making stops to ask questions since the address was not so clear. Read Part 1 Here Image Courtesy of Pexels Illisan although a village had running water,

Human Nature Or Racism?

For someone to hate another person, for the color of their skin, is only a display of disdain against their self Racism has been a hot topic for the past few years, which was reignited as United States President, Donald Trump was elected into office. Minorities feared what the US would become, as their president is infamously known for dealing with illegal immigrants. Racism is also an issue that dates back to when the United States was founded. As many claim, the Red Indians were displaced from their land, as the Europeans came in and marked their territory. Then Africans were shipped from their continent to come and be of service to white masters. These stories of old, have lingered for so



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