"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days."

Zig Ziglar

Hey Beautiful

Yes you, I am talking to you. You who are scared of putting on certain outfits because you think it will expose what I like to call “flaws a

By His Stripes, We are Healed

About to write this post today and The Anthem by Todd Dulaney keeps playing in my head. It’s a beautiful song; you should check it out. It goes like this—“Hallelujah, you have won the victory, hallelujah, you have won it all for me, death could not hold you down, you are the risen King, seated in majesty, you are the risen King…by His stripes we are healed, by his nail pierced hands we are free, by His blood we are washed clean, now we have the victory..” Image courtesy of Unsplash When we read the story of the crucifixion, we often think, (well I often think) that it was very easy for Jesus to take all the beatings and humiliation he took on His way to the cross and eventually die, just bec

Dear Mr. Almost Perfect

Why are you so freaking inconsistent? Image courtesy of Raw Pixels I wonder why some guys are so inconsistent; it drives me nuts!! One of my friends told me one time when I was whining to her about a guy who was very inconsistent; this was many years ago, by the way, she laughed and said to me, that the guy was consistent in his inconsistency, so in a way, he was consistent (haha). I wish I could go into the minds of guys, and see what they were really thinking: Girl 1—I am just playing around with her until I can get what I want from her Girl 2— let me just tell her what her ear is itching to hear from time to time, and keep her in a loop until I am ready to settle down Girl 3—ah this is no

God Are You Really There?

Lately, I’ve found myself in conversation with people doubting either God’s existence, His goodness, or His abilities. The people ask questions like—if there is a God, why is there so much wickedness in the world? Why is there suffering, or who created evil? Surely God must be good and evil; He can’t be all good, all the time. Image courtesy of Pexels Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how to engage these people, some who even claim to be Christians. The only ammunition I have is the word of God, which they sometimes claim was fabricated by men, for selfish ambition. This then got me thinking, is the issue a church issue, the way God is represented by man issue, or a lack of relationship with



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