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Spotlight Monday: Karo Omu & Sanitary Aid

Hello beautiful people!! Hope your day is going great so far. It has been a little while, sorry for the short hiatus. I took a one week break to recoup after my trip to my hometown; please forgive me. Let’s Talk Nation is back with all new exciting content just for you. This week on Spotlight by Let’s Talk Nation, I focus on Karo Omu, founder of Sanitary Aid. Sanitary aid is a nonprofit organization that provides sanitary pads for girls in low-income areas in Nigeria.

They aim to give out free sanitary pads to girls all over Nigeria with their primary focus on those who can't afford them. This particular post is near and dear to my heart, not because I believe in what they are doing at Sanitary Aid, but because this young lady is also my cousin. When you see people thriving in your family, it encourages you to step out and do what God has called you to do. On the heart of God constantly, are the people who can't fend for themselves. That is why He has equipped His children to help those in need.

Karo Omu, @duchesskk

This initiative was born out of a conversation on Twitter, following the increased prices of sanitary products in Nigeria. Mrs. Karo was now privy to information about how this was affecting women, especially those in IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps and low-income homes. These girls couldn't access sanitary products and needed someone to come to their rescue. That was where Karo came in to bridge the gap. She realized that most girls in these areas miss school when they have their periods because of lack affordable products. Which is disheartening, because all girls should be able to stay in school regardless of if they are on their period or not.

Some girls who benefit from Sanitary Aid

The young 26 year old philanthropist with the help of others, has been able to reach 6000 girls with sanitary hygiene education and pads. Their current goal is to get reusable pads as a long-term solution for the sake of sustainability. Because of her big heart and her desire to see a change in these communities, Karo was recently featured on BBC pidgin, an affiliate with the prestigious BBC news organization. Such recognition has challenged her to do even more.

To learn more about Karo and Sanitary Aid, and to see why the spotlight is on them this week, visit You can also reach them on twitter (@freesanitarypad), Instagram (@sanitartyaidng) and through email or

For donations, you can donate through (for those abroad) and Access Bank (for those in Nigeria) with account number- 0773917860 (reference Sanitary Aid Initiative).

Thank you for taking your time out to read this post, I hope you are encouraged by these features to make a difference in your communities. If you know anyone that you like to be featured under Spotlight by Let’s Talk Nation, comment below or email us at

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