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Spotlight Monday: Raco Child & Rural Care Initiative

Touching lives, building hope for a better future in rural communities every day.

We are back with an all-new edition of Spotlight Monday by Let's Talk Nation, where we shine the spotlight on people who are doing great things in their communities and how you can be a part of bringing about change, to people who are suffering. I recently came across Raco, which stands for; Rural Areas for Christ Outreach some weeks ago when I visited their home for orphaned and displaced kids. What struck me about the kids at Raco was the joy each child exhibited.

Image courtesy of Raco

They sang and danced like they had everything they would ever have need off in this world. They did not let their present circumstances ruin their joyous countenance. They praised God like He was their only anchor, and trusted that He loved them regardless of where they were in life. Of course that challenged me as a believer and I had to get them a feature here, on the website. Just as their slogan goes (building hope for a better future in rural communities every day), they are located in the heart of rural communities, where they get to influence the people around them.

Raco was founded in 2003 by Pastor Daniel Nwaka, a Nigerian who had a heart for orphaned and displaced children, as well as widows. His ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty in the rural areas across the country of Nigeria. This foundation has now been in existence for 15 years and has over 400 children under their program, spread across the nation. Together with their partners, they provide free education, school uniforms, health care, meals, clothes, and housing for these children.

One of their many goals is to use education and skill acquisition to secure a future for these children. According to information found on their website, they have two free academic centers, an orphanage home and a permanent site in view, which will cater to about 1000 children, together with widows. This future facility will be designed as a school and home care for the children and vulnerable women. It promises to include a medical center, a sports arena, multi-purpose hall and staff housing. All of this will be at no cost to the children and women including the staff members who will utilize this facility.

They have orphanage homes in Ibeju, Itawo, Ijebu ode annex, New Zuba, and Niger State in Shorono L.G.A, all of these located in Nigeria. They also have over 50 children in boarding schools, and 4 students in universities, just to mention a few of the things they have going on. The organization has different partnership plans, for people who want to be a part of what they are doing. You can feed and educate a child with as low as 185 naira (<$1) a day, 5550 naira ($15) monthly, or 66600 naira ($183) a year.

We all know that an organization like Raco can’t stand without the help of others. Such charitable organizations hinges upon the help of people, who are also moved to help those who don’t have the same opportunities like they do. Opportunities have to be created and given to them, which is done through generous acts like donations by the society and the world at large. For more information on how you can partner with Raco, visit their website on

You can also send personal inquiries to and Thank you so much for much for taking out some time to read this short article, the vision for this section of the website is to mobilize people to be a part of something meaningful and also be encouraged to make a difference in their community.

If you know anyone who is making a difference in their community and would like for them to be featured, email us at How will you make a difference in your world this week? Remember to comment with your thoughts below and also like, share and subscribe to never miss an update on Let’s Talk Nation.

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