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Wisdom Weekly: Is your dream worth the shot?

Why we should be passionate about following our dreams

We all have dreams, we all have desires, and hopefully, we have things that we are passionate about. For some it may be about saving the world (well Jesus already did that!), or ending poverty worldwide, or maybe being a great actor one day, there just are some things that are intricately a part of our DNA, even if we tend to run away from them. If there is anything you are passionate about, the time to strike is now. Thank God we live in a time when we can make an honest living out of our dreams and desires.

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There are a lot of people who work jobs, which they absolutely hate. They grumble each time Monday comes around, and they are excited when it is Friday just so they can have a break from their not so fun job (hello TGIF!). Someone once put it this way; you go to work every day, to work a job you hate, just to be able to pay for a house that you are barely ever in. And that cycle continues on and on, except for the select few, who are bold enough, to step out on faith and do something that they love. Another quote I like is—"do what you love and you will never work another day in your life.” Now I totally get that.

As a writer, I love to write, and it comes naturally for me. A lot of people have said that I do it well; hopefully, they are being truthful. When people ask me if I have others writing for me, and I answer no, they are often surprised. It takes me about two hours to finish one article, from writing to editing, to choosing the right topic for it and choosing the picture I want to use to tell the story. I love the creative process, and I often lose track of time, because I am lost in another world when I get into that headspace.

When people applaud me, saying that they can't do what I do, and it's difficult, I usually think to myself that it is not difficult to write. I am not saying that there are some days I don't get stuck, or get this term I hate using; writer’s block, but because I am passionate about it, and love it, it is not as difficult to get through it.

Now if you throw me into another industry, such as engineering, I will sink (ssshhhh, don’t tell my dad). Everyone has a unique gift or ability; everyone has something that they do so well. We owe it to ourselves, to discover what that gift or talent is, and work on it every day until we perfect it.

“Your gift will make room for you.”

This quote that is found in the book of Proverbs (18:16) is so apt to the point I am trying to make. If you are busy doing what you know how to do well, in no time, people will seek you out and want to be a part of the greatness that you are. That quote also reminds me of another passage of scripture, which says, “have you seen a man that excels in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men.” I have met people who love their jobs, and these are not the coolest of jobs we now have these days. No, these are the tough ones, like being in emergency medicine, field engineering, and teaching. They are so passionate about their jobs that you begin to wonder if you are in the wrong field. And there are the ones who hate their jobs for various reasons, and I’m like; wouldn’t want to be ya.

No matter what your dreams, gifts, abilities, and passions are, you owe to yourself at least once in your lifetime to give it a shot. I am usually excited for people when they tell me what their dreams are, and I always encourage them to go for it. Give your ideas all the time it needs, and when you are not working on them, make sure you are learning from those who have gone ahead of you and are succeeding at what you want to do.

Don’t let your present circumstance deter you from following your dreams, it may take time, scratch that, it will take time, but what you are committed to, will eventually work out. People like Jeff Bezos, Phiona Mutesi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all started with a dream and fought for it, to become what it is today. We all use Amazon's services, Phiona has inspired young Africans who are stuck in poverty, not to think that their life will remain that way forever, and Dr. King fought for human rights, that most African Americans, now enjoy today in the United States.

Society is waiting for you to step out, the world is waiting for you to take your place, and your family is waiting eagerly to see what you will become. Hope you enjoyed this short wisdom weekly article, which is designed for you to do things differently, and impact the world around you. What are your dreams? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember to like, share and subscribe to never miss an update.

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