Wisdom Weekly: Who is your Support System?

Why we should do life with great people

As humans, we were designed to have relationships with each other. Ever heard the saying no man is an island? The world we live in is full of a lot of ups and downs, detours, and heartaches. We can't carry the weight on our own. That is why it is vital for us to cultivate meaningful relationships, and have a great support system around us. (Jesus knew this; he was intentional with picking his support system)

There are a lot of disappointments I have faced in this life, and if not for my family and close friends, I would not have been able to come out of those situations, stronger. They were there to encourage me, support me and show me, unconditional love. In a conversation with a friend yesterday, he pointed out that if not for the support system he has, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is, today.

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Characteristics of a great support system

They are there to catch you when you fall: We all make mistakes; we all fall short of people's expectations. What some people don't realize is that we have already beaten ourselves up, concerning our failures. So we don’t need an extra— I told you so! Or how could you do something so stupid? A great support system should be there for you, holding your hands as you walk through difficult stages in your life, and help steer you in the right direction.

They push you towards your dreams: A great support system finds out what your goals are, and encourages you to go after them. They want to see you thrive, so they push you to be better at your craft. They are always there to render help and support as you need it, and they don't stand in the way of you, achieving your goals.

They love you no matter what: Unconditional love is something that humans thrive on. If you can show someone, that you love them no matter what, they would want to be the best that they can be, because of the love they are receiving from you. In a situation, where there is no love, it can drive people to depression, to do obscene things, and to make irrational decisions. But once an environment is full of love, and a person knows that they can always come back to you, because they are safe with you, then there is no limit to what the person being supported can achieve.

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They are there in good and in bad times: It does not matter what situation you find yourself in, a great support system would be there with you. I remember when I had to have surgery, and that required me being in the hospital for five days. My family and friends trooped in like a flock, day and night, and got me whatever I needed. It was crazy! There were times when I just wanted to rest, but they kept coming. Then I realized how blessed I was. There are people in hospitals, who have no one to visit with them. Some people find themselves in tough circumstances, with no one to call for help. A good support system would not be there only when the going is good, but when it is terrible as well because we all have that happen to us.

They check up on you: A great support system checks up on you from time to time. They are concerned about your wellbeing. They want to know that you are doing okay, and if not they also want to know how they can step in and be of help.

It is good for us to spend time, building relationships and not tearing them down. If you see someone who can be a great value to your life, go after them. We were not created to do life alone. We were made for relationships and communities; that is why we have families, co-workers, friends, and belong to various organizations. We should also check ourselves to see if we are supportive of others as well.

'As iron sharpens iron, so does one person, sharpen another.’

Can people count on us? Can they call us when they are in trouble? Can they trust us with their deepest darkest secrets and not feel judged? Can we help steer them in the right direction? Are we adding value to people’s lives, or just taking away from them? These are essential questions we need to ask ourselves. It's not just about us and what we can gain, but what can we give back as well.

There is importance in being there for others, as much as it is crucial for them to be there for us too. Life is so much easier when you have the right people around you. Hope you enjoyed this short wisdom weekly article. Remember to like, share, comment & subscribe never to miss an update.

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