Will Having Sex With Men Make Them Stay?

You might be someone who has toyed with the idea of saving themselves for marriage. You know it’s a good thing, and you want to honor God, but something conflicting is happening in your mind. You just met a guy you like; you guys are vibing, he is tall, handsome, has a great smile, an incredible job. A nice guy, every woman would give anything to be with him, but there is one issue: He is not looking to save himself for marriage. That concept is laughable and archaic to him at best.

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He cannot understand why two consenting adults, can’t have a healthy sex life, outside of a marriage. I like you a lot, and I am attracted to you, why can’t I express my love to you? The guy may even be Christian. But does not take the part of the Bible which says—your body is not for sexual immorality seriously. You are now caught up in a dilemma. Who do you please: God or your man?

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You see I have found myself at this crossroads many times. Where my faith butts head with my love life. I am a hopeful romantic and want to be in love, but sometimes what we feel is love, comes with a price. If you are not convicted enough in your walk with God, you tend to compromise in the end. And guess what? Some of the men still leave. Men leave women for many reasons after they have been intimate with them.

Or if they stay, some of them start acting up. All of a sudden, they are too busy to answer your phone calls, the workload has dramatically increased at work, they need to spend more time with family, and whatever cock and bull story they can come up with, just to get you off their case. With you left feeling less than you originally started with them.

Sex was created by God, for the enjoyment of married couples. Sex is powerful, that is why it is meant for covenant relationships (marriage), where both parties have deeper commitments, rather than just the physical. Yes, I know marriages break down, people can still work away from you and so on, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t honor God’s word, as a believer. I have been on both sides of the spectrum, and have come to the realization, that choosing to honor God is way beneficial than choosing to honor myself (because let me not act like I don’t want it too) or somebody else.

This realization came after countless heartbreaks, verbal and emotional abuses. I decided for myself that God’s way is better than my way. Plus no more pregnancy scares, STD scares, and unnecessary emotional ties. When you choose to honor God, He honors you back in return. It may not come in the form of a rewarding relationship, but it will show up in many different ways of your life. So whether men stay, or choose to leave after intimacy with you, shouldn’t be a yardstick as to whether you should honor God or not. Do the right thing regardless, and at the right time, God will settle you.

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