Things To Consider before Getting Serious with Someone You are Dating

Everyone loves to love and wants to be in love at some point in their lives because, let’s face it, that is how we were created. Be it love from a significant other, a parent, sibling, or friend, as humans we thrive when there is love present in our lives. As a self-acclaimed, hopeful romantic, I want to be in love with someone who will love me back. Since I long for a genuine relationship with my one-day spouse, I have to be careful with the people I let into that space.

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The dating period should be an evaluation period, I like to say. It should be a time when you are weighing certain character traits and seeing if they fit into your future. Don’t rush into a relationship because you want to be in one so badly; take your time and learn the person you are considering so you don’t make a mistake that may cost you for life. Here are some things to consider:

Belief system:

Sharing similar values and beliefs with your significant other is a dealmaker in a relationship. My Christian faith is very important to me; it is the core of who I am, so before I consider a serious relationship with someone, I like to know whether we are on the same page spiritually. If I don’t take this point seriously, it will pose some difficulty in the future.

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How they treat others:

How they treat others is always indicative of how they will treat you. If they are disrespectful to people, to their servers, bosses, friends and so on, in no time, they will start acting that way towards you. Make sure whoever you are considering a future with is respectful to not just you but to others as well. Respect will go a long way.


Do they have a job? Are they faithful to their job or business? Do they take responsibilities for their actions or are they deflective? You don’t want to seriously date someone who will be a liability to you. Find out what their plans and goals are and see if they are taking steps toward accomplishing those goals.


“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” is a great saying that holds a lot of truth. People say that you are no greater than the five people you have around you. If your potential partner’s friends are nothing to write home about, that may be a clear indication of who that person is or who they will become.


Does this person have a vision for their life? If they do, do you see yourself fitting into that vision? If you are interested in going west and the person with whom you are considering a relationship is going south, the relationship likely wouldn’t work. After all, two people can’t walk together if they are not heading in the same direction.


Do they say one thing and do something completely different? Are they flaky and don’t take your concerns seriously? Stay away from such people—they either are not taking you seriously, or they want to see how much you will let them get away with. There are so many things to consider before you take a leap with that special someone, but I believe the ones mentioned here can be a guide for your decisions in a relationship.

While you are dating someone, try as much as possible not to be carried away by sweet nothings they may be quick to utter. Make sure you are paying close attention to what they are saying and how they act. When the smoke clears, it boils down to this question: can you be with this person for the rest of your life if nothing changes?

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