Testing The Waters

Religious views aside and in my opinion, abstaining from premarital sex can be the greatest punishment one can possibly give to themselves.

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I'm having a drink with my two single friends who are in fully committed relationships (well... sort of) and as we're talking one has a secret on his chest that he just has to let out. We both give him our ear as is required by bro code 4.18 by leaning in with non-judgmental gazes. Apparently his girlfriend of almost a year doesn't enjoy sex with him AT ALL. He doesn't know if he's the problem but he's caught her changing the channel on the TV more than once while he's doing his best to please her. I'm in shock.

I've know this guy since childhood and he's a very sexual fellow so I realize this must be a big deal for him so I turn to the other fellow for assistance in providing support. Guy 2 is frowning; not a good sign. He tells us that this one is small as his girlfriend actually laughs when he's doing his thing.

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This is over two days later and I still laugh every time I remember that conversation. Watching TV? Laughing? A lot goes into two people being sexually compatible, a lot of which is experience based. The best sex could sometimes be with who you love the least and vice versa, and when settling down in a marriage, I believe you'd want to make sure you're as physically close to the former as possible. I'm no advice giver but I sure say that fire need to dey burn well inside house make outside one no dey hungry person.

Sex is the only thing separating a regular friendship from a relationship and why anyone would want to take a chance on something so crucial, I struggle to understand regardless of moral inclinations. And it's fun! It's an experience you actually enjoy getting as you meet so many 'beautiful' people in the world before settling down with the most beautiful of them all. It's akin to buying non tested goods. Yes.. That’s exactly what it is.

What you get is what you get...

What do you guys think? Is sex something to be explored and enjoyed before marriage? Or is there value in preserving it for the one person, you will spend the rest of your life with? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and let’s talk about it.

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