Dear Mr. Almost Perfect

Why are you so freaking inconsistent?

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I wonder why some guys are so inconsistent; it drives me nuts!! One of my friends told me one time when I was whining to her about a guy who was very inconsistent; this was many years ago, by the way, she laughed and said to me, that the guy was consistent in his inconsistency, so in a way, he was consistent (haha). I wish I could go into the minds of guys, and see what they were really thinking:

Girl 1—I am just playing around with her until I can get what I want from her

Girl 2— let me just tell her what her ear is itching to hear from time to time, and keep her in a loop until I am ready to settle down

Girl 3—ah this is no more than a booty call when I get that feeling, I know just who to call. She likes me a lot and will be willing to do anything.

Is this what they are actually thinking? Who knows?

Most of you read my Mr. Perfect series and were lost in the almost-love story that was brewing between Mr. Almost Perfect and me. Can you believe that we are still in that dance? Anyway, read this open letter to him, which is just a prelude of what is to come (Mr. Perfect Season 2 loading)… Dear Mr. Almost Perfect, You tell me that you love me, and can possibly be the love of my life. I am trying to hold back all that is within me. On the days I am quite resistant, you tell me I would miss out on the love of my life, because of my stubbornness. I act that way because I don’t want to be the girl, who I am advising to stay away from men like you. I want to be perfect; doing things the right way, getting the right results. And you are making it easy for me, because of your inconsistency; why are you so inconsistent? You tell me you can’t wait to see me and send me money to process my visa. You share your streaming services password with me, and tell me if I need any added feature, I should let you know so that you can pay for it. It’s the little things you do, which make my heart leaps. Then just when my mind wants to wander a little bit and dream about the life we could have, poof! You go into hiding, leaving me confused, replaying the sweet nothings that you fed my ears with, wondering if I heard correctly and concluding that it must be a farce.

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I want to move on; Lord knows I do! But yet my heart yearns within me, to speak with you again. On the days we speak, you make me feel like I’m a princess, like the only woman on this planet who is valuable to you. You share parts of your heart with me and sell me a future that I can’t wait to enjoy with you. You tell me you can’t wait to cuddle me, watch movies and go on adventurous dates together, the things that I love doing. You say you are the better cook, and can’t wait to show off your cooking skills to me, but yet you are so darn inconsistent! And I wonder; why wouldn’t you just let me be? Why do you keep popping into my life? If you don’t want me, why do you keep disturbing me? I tell myself times without number; this will be the last time I would ever answer his call. But alas my phone rings, on days I don’t expect it to be you calling, and I don’t have the ‘liver’ to ignore you. I say to myself; he is just a friend, so it doesn’t matter. I enjoy our talks, and can be on the phone with him forever, certainly there is nothing wrong with having a friend right? I like it when you call me babe, or baby, or ask if I’m doing okay, on the days I don’t feel too good. I like it a lot, even if I keep fronting, that I don’t, you know me to be a hopeful romantic, so you play on those emotions. I marvel at how understanding you are to the issues I bring your way, you connect with me on different levels, so I don’t have to explain myself. Only if you were consistent, only if you loved God the way I do, I would be saying ‘I do’ to you too! But you aren’t consistent; you aren’t straightforward, you aren’t the one God has planned for me... I guess I would wait for Mr. Perfect because Mr. Perfect isn’t you.

A prelude to Mr. Perfect season 2

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