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Celebrating the Wonder of Christmas

December is here again and another Christmas is upon us. Everyone is making plans, or most people are. I love Christmas. I love the feeling it gives. I love the way that it brings people together. During Christmas, good will is in the air. People are nicer, happier, at least most people are (Christmas can also be a very sad and lonely time for some people). We put up Christmas trees and exchange gifts. There is also so much to eat and drink.

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With all the festivity in the air we can lose sight of the wonder that Christmas is. And we do. For a long time humanity was cut off from fellowship with the most important Person in their lives- their Maker. Condemned to eternal death and forever lost. God saw the helpless state of us and decided that something had to be done. He also longed for fellowship with us as was always His intention.

Then He decided to come Himself, rescue us and restore broken fellowship with us. God Himself came down. Heaven came to earth. God came and dwelt among men. It's truly mind blowing when you stop to think about it!

There is so much more to Christmas than just food, drink and merry making. It is also a time to marvel at a holy God's love for us. A love so true that He would come and share in our humanity and also die in our place so that we may live with Him for all eternity. When we approach Christmas, we should do so with a sense of wonder. As we do so, our next natural response should be worship. Have yourself a merry, happy Christmas!

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About The Author: Jacqueline is a lawyer as well as a PR professional. She is also mom, to two energetic soldiers who constantly keep her on her toes, until they fall asleep. In her spare time, she loves to sing and is also an aspiring writer. Connect with her on Instagram with @zeerrific1

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