5 Top Reasons Not To Return To An Ex-boyfriend

Updated: Mar 30

Written by Evi Idoghor

People end relationships for a plethora of reasons. It could be anything from behavioral situations to conflicts in personal beliefs. Whatever the case might be, your ex is an ex for a reason. Just as there are many reasons why you CAN patch things up with your lost love, there are also several reasons why you SHOULDN’T entertain an old flame after they have been long gone. Those are the reasons we are going to be exploring in today’s article. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this short read.

5 Top Reasons Not To Return To an Ex-boyfriend

Reasons why you shouldn’t restart an old relationship:

1) Loneliness: this is such a tricky issue because it messes up with your emotions and causes you to forget why you left your ex, to begin with. When Friday rolls around the corner, you start to feel inadequate, or unwanted, just because you don’t have anyone to hang with for the weekend and take you out on exciting dates. I understand this feeling, I have been there.

But before you consider picking up your phone and shooting your EX a text message, remember that they are your EX for a reason. There is a reason why you walked away, why you ended that relationship, or why they even broke up with you. Don’t wallow in your loneliness—share your raw feelings with God, and He will fill up the void that is causing you to miss your EX at that moment.

5 Top Reasons Not To Return to an Ex-boyfriend

Another way you can get over loneliness is by doing the things that you enjoy doing—do you love going to the movies? Do that! Do you enjoy spending time with friends? Go and hang out with them. That way, you are not giving any room to return to a situation that might be bad for you. Loneliness is never a good reason to get into a relationship anyway because when you do, that relationship runs the risk of becoming a codependent one.

2) No one else "wants" you: let’s say after you and your EX broke up, you found yourself in a new relationship, and for some reason, that one failed as well. Or, you started getting to know someone new, but that relationship ended up going nowhere slowly, and as a result, you are distraught. However, this isn’t a good enough reason for you to go crying to your EX to take you back. It shows that you don’t enjoy being alone and you always want to have someone you can do life with.

While desiring a life-partner is normal, jumping from relationship to relationship isn’t. Take time out to discover what you really want, and heal first before opening up yourself to a possible relationship.

5 Top Reasons Not To Return to an Ex-boyfriend

3) Money: money alone isn’t a good enough reason to be in a relationship with someone, let alone to return to one that you have kissed good-bye. Again, remember why you left them to begin with, and let that guide every decision you make when thoughts of getting back with them creep up.

4) Sex: many of you must have heard this statement from a friend or friends—the sex is gooood! That is why I cannot get enough of him or leave him.” Perhaps you have had this thought concerning your own relationship. If the relationship ended, and for good reason, never return to an EX because of sex. Sex beclouds judgment; sex outside of marriage is also a sin against God and essentially our own bodies.

5 Top Reasons Not To Return To an Ex-boyfriend

Because we are not our own (as Christians), we cannot live recklessly (1 Corinthians 6:19). But perhaps you have crossed that line; you shouldn’t go back to someone because of it. There are many facets that make a relationship a healthy one, outside of sex (when dating), and your focus should be on those things and how you can strengthen them before heading into a life-long commitment like marriage.

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5) Outside influences: your friends and family might adore an EX and clamor for you both to get back together, whilst not knowing in entirety the reason for your relationship’s demise. Some might be privy to that clandestine information, yet, they still push for you to go waltzing back into his life. However, if the reasons you broke up are strong enough for you to stand your ground, there is no point entertaining the idea just because people want you to. Stay true to yourself.

5 Top Reasons Not To Return to an Ex-buyfriend

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