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The roads are horrible! Traffic is crazy, and this rainy season isn’t making things any better. My internet is as slow as no man’s business; there is no light! Driving to work every day is insane! God, I am just tired! Who else has similar complaints as me? Once you are alive, you will have something to complain about. But complaining isn’t God’s will for our lives, rather than complaining; He wants us to show gratitude at all times.

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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says—“rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and in everything, give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” God’s will is for us to give thanks in every situation, at all times. Truth is whatever we are complaining about; there are thousands of people who wish that were their problem.

I was watching an interview one day, and a Liberian refugee was sharing her story of how she ended up in Nigeria. War had displaced her and her family, and she came to Lagos, in search of a better life. This led her to do menial jobs and also become a maid in people’s homes. Of course, there were times when she was maltreated, beaten for no justifiable cause until a Good Samaritan decided to adopt her one day, and her story took a turn for the better.

In listening to her share her story, I could only but thank God, for the privileged life He has blessed me with. I don’t have to worry about food or shelter, about my health, about where money would come from, or if I am ever going to make it in life. I came across another story, a couple of days later. A young man was shot by his father in his eyes, and as a result, he became blind. In fact, his father shot and killed, his older brother as well, and ended up taking his own life. When his mom told him what had happened, and that there was no chance for him getting his vision back, he just said, “okay, can we pray for them?”

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The innocence of a child! He was about eight years, when the tragedy took place, and all he asked to do, for his late dad and brother, was to pray for them! Not regarding the fact that his dad had put them in that predicament. That is why Jesus said that we need to receive the kingdom of God, like little children. Even as an adult, he never spoke ill of his father, he just saw it as one of those things. Thinking about this story makes me want to tear up again.

Because, most of us, are not in difficult situations as these two people mentioned above, but yet we complain and whine about things that are not a big deal if we just surrender them to God. God is not oblivious to our issues, and He doesn’t belittle them, but He wants us to show gratitude at all times because many things can go wrong in our lives, but He has stopped them from happening.

Gratitude also opens us up to receive more from God. So even if you feel like there is nothing to be grateful in your life for, think again. The fact that you are alive and well when many struggle to take a breath in the hospital is a testimony. The fact that you are not on the streets, begging for alms, is a testimony. The fact that you have a job, even if it stresses you out, is a testimony. Be grateful for the little things, and God will bring you into a life of abundance.

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