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How Could She? Part 2

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Segun drove to my house two weeks after me and Omololu’s encounter. He said he wasn’t sorry for moving on from me, because I hadn’t shown any form of interest, during our two-year friendship. But was sad that it was my best friend. He went on to say that he didn't feel he had wronged me in any way, and will always be grateful for meeting me since that has led him to his happily ever after. He also wanted me to give him my blessings, I was devastated.

I honestly don’t know which hurt more. The fact that I was losing an eligible suitor to a friend, or the fact that I created an enabling environment for it to happen. It was all too sad for me to comprehend.

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I wanted to know how it all happened and so I demanded that Segun revealed to me how it went down. He explained that the week before he traveled when he saw her at my house, they had got talking while I was in the bathroom and she had mentioned she would be off to the United Kingdom, on training and would be doing some crazy shopping for her new apartment. They had a few ‘moments' that day, but they did not exchange numbers. It was the day she brought the bags to his hotel that the sparks went flying.

She had gotten to his hotel around noon, and they went out together. He then dropped her off at her hotel at about 9pm that night. Early the next morning, he drove down to her hotel to take her to the airport himself, and from their airport commute, they got even closer. According to him, he knew then that he was ‘home.' That conversation sounded painfully familiar, and I couldn't help my facial expression. At that point, I held up my hands and told him I was satisfied with the information he gave and that they both have my blessing. He hugged me and left.

That evening, Omololu updated her status with these words “Those that wait on the Lord will rejoice. I rejoice. Behold, my Boaz!” With his picture plastered on her social media account. I remember that picture vividly because I took it with his iPhone while trying out an app. Each day, a new picture of him would be put on display. There was one of herself, Segun and his daughter. She had firmly ingrained herself into his life.

Because Segun is the commitment type, it came as no shock to me when she told me about their engagement. She also wanted me to be her Chief Bridesmaid but understood if I couldn't take on that role. She chose me for the position because of the bond we once shared, hoping that this experience would bring us back closer together. I refused, but not without letting her know that she could count on me if she needed assistance with anything about the wedding.

Then I received an email from her:

“Sweetheart, I love you. God knows I do. I apologize for how I might have hurt you, but regardless of everything, I would be a liar to say I would or could elect to do things differently if given a second chance.

Oluwasegun has brought me the type of joy I thought was only found in fairy tales. But through him, I have my very own fairy tale. I love him with all my being. I know I might come across as insensitive and selfish. I am sorry. But please, try and find a place in your kind heart to let go of any hurt you might be experiencing and enter into a place of happiness for me; Omololu, your sister and best friend since our Corona days. It should not be heard of, that we are fighting over a man and remember, my darling, you never were in a relationship with Segun.

You never took the plunge; you shielded your heart from hurt and refused to commit to anything. I know you, when you truly love a man, you don’t waste any time to commit. If you want to be sincere with yourself, you would admit that Segun never pulled on your heartstrings. He never gave you butterflies. Your body never quivered with the touch of his hands. I understand you two never even kissed. You apparently felt no love for him.

However, I cannot discount the friendship you shared. He still goes on and on about how you were the only friend whose loss of companionship, moved him to his core. I can testify too, of your level of regard for your friendship and respect for him. But my dear, friendship, and respect are not solid foundation enough to build a marriage. You knew this, and this is why you stalled. What did not grow in two years would most likely never grow.

I hope you understand that the aim of this email is not to throw in your face the fact that Oluwasegun and you, never had anything substantial, but for you to take an honest and dispassionate look of things. And if you do, forgiving me would come naturally.

I can't stop loving you, dear. I am sad that the vow we made 16 years ago to be each other’s’ maids of honor, would not be fulfilled. Please, re-examine your heart and find a place in it to forgive me.

Yours now and always,


Then came the waterworks. I couldn’t say exactly why I felt so emotional, but I felt sorry for myself. I felt sad because I wasn't crazy about Segun, but I think we could have made it work. Omololu was now benefitting from all the prayers and fasting, I invested in Segun. That hurt me the most. I would have married Segun. I just needed him to pass one more test, and voila, I would have been the one who said yes to him. I never thought he’d stop loving me. I never thought I would lose him and certainly not to my friend, my supposed best friend.

I eventually decided to be her Chief Bridesmaid and muster up the strength to be happy for her. There was no faking the look of intense joy on her face when I told her I changed my mind. She jumped on me in her usual boisterous fashion, laughing and crying at the same time. God has been helping me, although it has been hard. Especially when I see how Segun looks at her. He never looked at me that way, I must confess.

With his business doing so well, I believe he would spare no cost at his wedding. His daughter would be their little bride, and Mololu’s nephew, their ring bearer. Her Eli Saab dress is absolutely beautiful. Segun flew us both to England to get it. She asked for a size bigger, and I suspect she is pregnant.

With each day, the feeling of hurt and betrayal gets slowly taken over by happiness for her and hope for my own future. I still haven’t met anyone worth sharing about, but I have joy. Not happiness, but joy; joy that all will turn out well. But for now, I can’t help asking myself each time I look at Omololu, ‘How could she?!

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About The Author: Temi Adebayo is a thirty-something-year-old lawyer, writer, wife, and mom. She began blogging because she was always filled with opinions and thoughts, and also believed that writing was a great outlet and method for expressing herself, sharing her views, and helping others who might be going through the same issues. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter with @temiville and on her website—

What do you guys think about this story? For me she wasted so much time, trying to figure out if Segun was the one for her or not. Two years is a long time to keep stringing a guy along. I think part of her disappointment is that she felt he was always going to be there, but life doesn't always work out the way we want it to. Was her friend wrong for going behind her back to snag the guy? I would say yes. They both owed her a conversation, out of courtesy before going ahead with their relationship.

My goodness, relationships can be so complicated. It can be black and white as well; it just depends on what you are looking for. The advice here is, don't string people along, if you know whoever you are entertaining isn't the one for you, then it's better to let it go or just remain friends so no one will get hurt. And please people, ask God to reveal to you who your real friends are, we can't keep hearing stories of how people betrayed those close to them. But that makes for good writing (haha). With that said, check out the Short Stories—Revisiting Ground Zero, if you haven't.

Thank you guys for reading. Also remember to comment, like, share and subscribe to never miss an update. Check out part 1 of How could she? Here.

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