Mr. Perfect: Part 5

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Church Crush!

I called my cousin upset on the phone; this was the first time I was telling her about Mr. Almost Perfect. The story started off on a high, then ended low. ‘He dey crase, no mind am. Maybe his real babe has come back into the picture that is why he no longer calls you. Sorry, my dear.' My cousin comforted me with those words. I had built our castles in the air, and when Mr. Almost Perfect, suddenly didn’t want to move in, I was disappointed. How could you let yourself go there? Why did you go around telling people how great he was? When you were not so sure? Our almost relationship was very short lived. It lasted about two months. Like a baby who was just learning how to walk, I had to teach myself how to do life by myself again. With no one to share my days with, and talk about movies together. I definitely was no longer looking out for Mr. Perfect.

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Then one bright Sunday morning, I made it to church. While I was walking in, there was a lady in front of me, and behind a guy. When we got to our seats, she went to go sit down at the row behind where we were taken to. I wanted to join her since I wasn't too thrilled about where I was asked to sit, but changed my mind last minute because I did not want to be a rebel in the house of the Lord. Because she went to the back, I sat down by Church Crush. Not thinking anything of him, because remember, I swore off men, I carried on with my worship in church. Before we sat down, the pastor asked that we should say hi to our ‘neighbor’, that was when I noticed Church Crush properly. He was good-looking, dressed well, had a nice smile, and was well put together.

Still, I wasn't still thinking about anything. As the service carried on, the pastor kept on asking us to turn to our ‘neighbor’ and say one thing or the other. Oohhh pastor which kind wahala be this na? Gosh! I was so shy; I could tell he was too. I remember at another church service, where the pastor did the same thing, and the guy I sat next to, did not even bat an eye lid. It was as if his village people had told him that, if he turned and said hi to the girl next to him, she will steal his destiny. Guy did not even acknowledge me for one second.

Anyway back to church crush! I checked out his watch, his striped socks, and brown shoes, thinking to myself not bad at all (my usual line). After service was over, I was about to turn and leave when he reached out his hands to give me a handshake, saying ‘sorry, what is your name?' here we go again! My name is Evi. Eve? No Evi, Ebi? No... Never mind. I didn't ask him for his name. Not because I wasn't interested (I know I said I was done, but he was good looking now, haha), but because I usually forget to ask people for their name when they approach me.

Anyway, he said it was nice meeting me, and he just had to say hi. Ok great! And I ran off to go meet up with someone. Then I made my way to my car. While driving off, I saw church crush walking towards my car, and I smiled at him, with him reciprocating the gesture. Then I heard a tap on my window and wound down. He asked what community group I was a part of in church, and I said none, so he asked where I lived, and I told him. He expressed that it was far from where his community group held and said ‘bye.' That left me thinking, he came back to try and carry out a conversation with me, could he be the one? Haha. But no exchange was made, so how and when was I going to meet church crush again? My church was massive. Well, I decided to take Mr. Not so Perfect’s advice—Que sera sera (whatever would be would be).

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But guys, don’t you think our love story would make for a great one?

Interviewer: How did you meet?

Evi: In church! Funny thing is I was so upset about a possible relationship not working out that I told myself, I was done with men. Then fast forward a week later, I sat down by this fine looking man in church. And our pastor did not let us rest that day, he kept on insisting we talk to our neighbor. The heavens must have been smiling at me that day. I remember when I looked up to them, muttering ‘baba God be a boo provider’ God finally answered.

Church Crush: Everything she said.

The reason why I am excited about the possibilities of what could be with church crush is that we may be on the same page spiritually. Unlike Mr. Not so Perfect, who is an atheist or Mr. Almost Perfect, who had some questions, about Christianity that I honestly couldn't answer. Well, all of this is just in my head oh! Just because he is in church, and belongs to a community group, means absolutely nothing! By their fruits, you shall know them.

Days have turned into weeks, and weeks into months and I haven’t laid my eyes on church crush. Maybe I should join a small group or start serving in church that might increase my chances of meeting him again, who knows? He could be the one.

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