Spotlight Monday: Heather Lindsey & Pinky Promise

Welcome to another week of Spotlight by Let’s Talk Nation, this week we are lighting up the stage for Heather Lindsey and her organization, Pinky Promise. Heather is a co-pastor, speaker, author, business owner, wife and a mother. She founded this organization from a desire to see women honor God with their lives and bodies.

Pictured Above: Heather Lindsey

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Heather started Pinky Promise in January of 2012. The organization came to be after she was frustrated with going from relationship to relationship, placing her desire and worth in the wrong things (I can relate). When she met and married her prince charming, she felt the need to design a few bracelets for women to wear, that will serve as a reminder for them to value their self-worth. After three months of continually selling out of every product she designed, she decided that it wasn't enough to give women bracelets, to remind them of their worth and tell them to save themselves for marriage. She figured out that she wasn’t going to reach every woman that way, so she went back to the drawing board, and created Pinky Promise which provided women with connections with other like-minded women, accountability and a safe space for them to share their experiences with other people.

The organization since then has grown to about 45000 women with over 300+ groups in the US, Africa, and Europe who meet on a regular basis. Heather also organizes monthly studies on Youtube and yearly conferences for these women to gather together and get empowered to live their lives for God.

Picture Cred: Instagram account for Heather Lindsey

I doubt if Heather knew when she started this organization back in 2012, that it will be what it is today with women joining the organization on a regular basis. In the world that we live in today which celebrates sexual promiscuity primarily through the arts (music, movies, shows, books) rather than sexual purity, we need organizations like Pinky Promise where women come together and take a stance against giving themselves away sexually to men who want to prey on them. We need organizations like this that will protect women from men who take advantage of their vulnerability. We need organizations like this that will help women identify men who want them for them and not for their bodies. We need organizations like this that will help women live holy lives that will transcend beyond the four walls of the organization into the society so others can learn from their examples. Through the organization, Heather and her team plan a yearly statewide baby shower in the city of Atlanta, to provide resources and gifts for single mothers and mothers in need for items for their children.

Pictured Above: Heather and her team of wonderful women

Picture Cred: Instagram account for Heather Lindsey

Heather recently made headlines on social media, because she put out a video encouraging an expectant mother not to get rid of her pregnancy. Heather had no idea who this woman was but was entirely led by the Holy Spirit to post a video online. The young lady reached out to Heather and her team after she saw the video and identified herself as the lady she was talking about and went ahead to cancel the appointment she had made to get rid of her unborn child. God has used Heather and her platform in a remarkable way to save a lot of lives. Heather currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where her and husband Cornelius Lindsey, pastor their church (The Gathering Oasis). They are blessed with two children and one on the way, and they continue to travel around the world speaking at various conferences sharing the word of God with different people.

To learn more about Heather and her organization and also to find out why the Spotlight is on her this week, visit and and watch this video below.

Video Cred: Heather Lindsey's Youtube account

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