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Your Resolutions Are Not Enough!

Written by Wendy Ike

Time flies am I right? When I think about how much my life changed in one year, I am amazed; it literally flipped 180 degrees possibly 360. I remember years past. I used to get in my head and second guess everything I do, I would feel overwhelmed, I would compare myself to others. The more I felt this way the more my hope would diminish. I had so much to learn and so much to grow on.

Pictured Above: Wendy

It's not like I didn't have good ideas or aspirations, I did, we all do sometimes unless it's something silly like; inventing a mobile toilet that says "yessurr" every time you flush, or the machine that's a microwave, oven, a washer, and dryer at the same time. I digress but think about it, we all have goals and aspirations and we are all pumped up initially but life inevitably happens, and then fear creeps in. Will we be able to do this? Will we be able to achieve the results that we want?

Resolutions! Resolutions! Resolutions!! I am not really a "resolution" kind of person, to be honest. I didn't make a New Year’s resolution, I don't usually do. The Pros: Pro number 1: there is no pressure; you don't have to feel like you absolutely have to achieve a particular goal. Pro number 2: you don't have to feel bad if said goal isn't achieved. The Con: you almost absolutely have no aspirations to be better and that's just, you know, sad. There are a lot of New Year’s resolutions out there, a few are to be in a relationship, lose weight, eat healthier, get a car, etc.

Some of them do come true and most of them don't. There are a few contributing factors as to why some of our goals don't come true in the year we set them. It's either, it’s a long process for that goal to be accomplished, maybe we get lazy or give up, maybe it's not the time yet for that aspiration to come to pass. One thing stands true though; our motivation affects how those resolutions we set for ourselves come to pass.

I wish I could say I always go with the flow and I am always grateful each month I spend being blessed. Or if certain things I aspired for don't happen the year I pray for them, I just continue again the following year, chug it up as an L, and move forward, but that is not true, life can be hard; we dream, and we aspire but sometimes those dreams and aspirations don't come to pass, and then what?


A time frame is just a time frame if we don't find out what makes us do, and act, we will be living in a cycle where we don't accomplish anything major. Don't get me wrong, resolutions are good, they tell us what we want to achieve, but that's all they do. If we don't find the right motivations behind our resolutions we won't achieve the desired results. It is going to be day after day after day, month after month, year after year with no considerable change.

For me this year is a bit different, the word that keeps playing in my heart is consistency and creativity. I feel like God is telling me now is the time to get out of my comfort zone and do something that will have my name on it; something that I can call my own and I can express myself and bless others with. I didn't know I would love blogging so much, but at the time when I started blogging I couldn't financially sustain it nor did my life circumstances let me be consistent with it.

Remember what I said earlier about finding what motivates you? For me, it is my support system and my faith. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a husband and a family that believes in me so much and supports my dreams. So when it gets tough, when it looks like I am not achieving the goals I set within the "right" timeframe (and trust me it can get crazy tough) they are there to see me through.

Leave me alone conscience, this is necessary selfishness. I am grateful to God for the desire for blogging and sharing my life with others in a creative way. That desire never died down no matter where I found myself or how difficult things were. My support system and my faith in God was what pulled me through.

I am so excited that God has been providing me with the resources I need to take my blog to another level. It has NOT been an easy journey, and it still isn't, but I am surrounded by the right voices to succeed. Remember, "you will have days when you will be in a hole (like I was a few days before I published this post) but it's how you get out of it that matters and your support system being there to help you pull through those times."


I don't know what your resolution is, I don't know what you need to get there, I don't even know the right advice to give. I do however want to say a prayer for you because my faith inclines me to. "As you enter into this new year, you will be grateful, intentional, consistent, and creative. I pray that you are consistent with your craft and that you explore your creativity more. I pray you don't revert back to any bad habits when things inevitably get tough. I pray you learn a lot and you do a lot. That you don't get ahead of yourself either, and that you enjoy the growth and process."

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About the Author: Hi! My name is Wendy and I am so much more. I love photography, styling, and creating content on various platforms. Freedom of expression is my niche; expression through fashion, music, art, and writing. I always say, not one person is the same we are all unique in our own ways and despite us having a few things in common our differences still sets us apart.

I like to encourage myself and those around me to embrace what makes them different from others and not fall into the trap of conforming to society or the norm. I include myself in this because I am eccentric but sometimes I have had the urge to conform to society. However, I love my originality because that's when I am most creative, confident, and happy. So, therefore, Be you, do you, look for what makes you stand out from others, and remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

To learn more about Wendy visit her website:

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