Let's Talk About Forgiveness

Hello beautiful people! Let’s talk Nation is back with a not so popular topic called Forgiveness. Forgiveness I believe is easier to do, when someone steps on your toes by mistake, forgets to ask your permission for something, or unintentionally leaves you out on something that you would have loved to be a part of. When the person apologizes, it is straightforward for you to say “its ok," or “it’s no big deal," even if you may be a little bit disappointed. Well, today I am not talking about the little things, but the big things. Can you forgive when someone steals from you, slanders you or unimaginably betrays you? What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Is there a limit to forgiveness? After the defaulter is forgiven, is it safe for the relationship to be restored? Is forgiveness even important? Let's talk about it!

To forgive means to stop being resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw or mistake (according