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Wisdom Weekly: Fear

Thank God its friday! Welcome to another wisdom weekly post, where we promise to bring you weekly nuggets that can help you carry on with your day to day life. Last week we brought you a video by Jay Shetty talking about it is never too late to start again (check that out if you haven’t); Today we are going to share a video by Will Smith, addressing fear.

Everyone has dealt with fear in one form or the other in their lifetime. Right now as I type this, I still harbor some insecurities, and I wonder why I carry those fears with me. Throughout the Bible, God addresses the issue of fear. There are countless times where He has said "Fear not, I will help you," or "Fear not and put your trust in Me.” We fear a lot of things that have not even occurred, and then when we get to the other side, and we look back, we wonder why we wasted all that time in fear.

We fear sickness, death, loss of a job, poverty, rejection, and the list is endless. Fear doesn't do us any good; it only causes us harm. In the video, Will shares what skydiving has thought him about fear. according to him, It can be the most scariest thing, but once you take that leap, it becomes the most beautiful experience you will ever come across. I share in his sentiments exactly. The closest I have been to skydiving is parasailing; yea I know they are not that close. I am always that person who pumps everyone up to do something while harboring some fear within me of the adventure we are about to take on. I remember when I chose to parasail with some of my friends at Pensacola Beach, Florida, I was so pumped (I love water sports) but as soon as we got on the speedboat, I quickly realized the journey I was about to embark on. As much as I love water sports, I hate heights! And seeing others go ahead of me, I was thinking what in the world did I get myself into? And I am not one to chicken out, so I just went ahead with it. I screamed for my life as soon as we were let go into the skies, my friend who went on with me, laughed so hard, and also offered to hold my hand in the process (bliss). When we were settled up in the sky, the scenery was so gorgeous! Just admiring God's work of art, took some of the fear away.

My friend & I, after we got down from parasailing

"Do not fret; it only causes harm" Psalm 37:8

I am not sure if I am open to parasailing again, but it was an excellent experience. God has great things in store for us; if only we can step out on faith, then we will come in contact with the endless opportunities life has to offer. And just as my friend offered me her hand to hold, some people have been destined to be a part of our lives that will hold our hands through the process. Even in skydiving, people are there to work you through everything, and then they also jump with you. So we were not created to do life alone. That is why we have friends and family, and ultimately, God. The next time fear comes around; tell it that there is no room for it here. Do not believe whatever fear brings to the table, because what if it all works out in the end, then what? This reminds me of an Erin Hanson quote that says "what if I fall" , and the response is, "oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"

"At the point of maximum danger, is the point of minimum fear." Will Smith

Will Smith has become one of the most effective communicators of our time, he is a great story teller and he reaches millions of people through his social media account. I remember when he just joined Instagram, and everyone was following him, I didn't want to get on that bandwagon because I always go against popular opinion. But once I got acquainted with his content, I knew he had a lot to say that made sense. You can follow him on Instagram, (@willsmith) and also check out his videos on YouTube. Enjoy the video below and let us know what you think!

Will Smith's Youtube account

I love you all for reading, have a fabulous weekend ahead. xoxo

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