You Probably Should Consider Going on a Social Media Fast

Hey you! yes you, I am talking to you. You should probably consider going on a social media fast. Why? you ask, let me tell you. We now live in a time when people constantly perform for the cameras. Each waking moment is documented, so they can get posted online, and garner some likes. The amount of likes you get is equated to the quality of content you post. Let’s say you put on your best outfit, you are feeling yourself; you just started a new diet plan, and you want to show the world your hot new body.

You get the perfect angles and take the perfect picture. You then take it a step further and apply a state of the art filter just to make you look 100! After all that effort, you post it online, and you get an average amount of likes, without any comments.

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You wonder if it’s the end of times; if everyone has gone somewhere else and left you behind. You wait for hours and still no comments or more likes. Then you feel depressed that all your effort has proven futile. But the reality of things is that you might actually look good, but people are busy with their real lives and haven’t gotten around to social media, or maybe no one cares to like your picture that day, and that’s fine, you don’t have to worry about that. But then again if feelings of depression kick in, then you probably should consider going on a social media fast.

Just as any fast which involves you denying yourself from certain things from a certain period of time, social media fast is the same way. Some people go off social media for a week, month, or even a year. Social media has become a breeding ground for cyberbullying and public scrutiny. In order for you to deny yourself from the negative impact that these apps can have on you, you have to go on a fast from time to time.

Why is social media fast important?

Going on this fast, helps you declutter your mind. A lot of information gets thrown around on social media, and not everything is good for us. Because of social media, we have access to people’s wisdom and also people’s foolishness. Time away from the platform can help you discern what is right for you and what isn’t. You also have more time on your hands to do something meaningful, when you decide to go on this fast. Believe it or not, we all spend hours on these apps every day, hours that could be used to make a difference around us. Once you go on the fast, you can then put that time to use, for something else.

There was a period of time when I wasn’t writing as much, but I was on Instagram for the most part during the day, just mindlessly scrolling away. I knew it had become too much, but I did not stop; it was routine for me. I needed to keep up with the Joneses. Then one day my cousin said to me—“you are always on social media, and it has nothing to do with your blog.” And I’m like —okay God, I’ve caught my sub! I deleted the app from my phone and came back on when I was ready to start creating content.

Social media fast helps you focus on your life, and what is important to you. People don’t want to do meaningful work these days; they want to sit at home and become insta-famous. But life doesn’t always work out that way. If you are looking to build a legacy that would outlive you, you have to do work that will last. If you find yourself getting depressed over what other people post, if you find yourself comparing your life with others, then the fast is for you.

Delete the app(s), recoup, find out why you are jealous or depressed, then begin to make the necessary adjustments in your life. Most times people post outrageous things so they can get likes or trend. After all the excitement dies down, the world moves on to the next best thing. So you must not live your life for the gram, you should live your life in such a way that you have joy and happiness present in it, you are content with what you have now and are planning towards where you are going.

Focus on what matters, build stable relationships, spend time with family and friends, serve your community. Then you wouldn’t need some people you don’t even know, that you probably will never meet, validating you.

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