Welcome to Letstalknationblog.com by Evi. This is an online lifestyle platform that provides people with the necessary tools & skills to help them better navigate life in a chaotic world. We do so from a biblical perspective, providing conversational--style inspirational articles covering topics on relationships, motherhood, lifestyle, movies and much more. 

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Need Encouragement?

Our inspiration segment is designed to encourage, teach, and help you with your walk with God.

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Need Some Help With Your Love Life?

Check out our relationship segment loaded with content, from exciting conversations about dating, to how we can do better by developing healthy relationship habits.

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We've got you covered! Enjoy real-life adventures told through the lens of exceptional storytelling.

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Why Wisdom?

Wisdom is the bedrock of life! Under this segment, we have specially curated articles which are wisdom packed to help you better navigate life.

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Have a life experience worth sharing?

We have a segment just for you! Personal Stories was created for the purpose of people who want to share their unique life experiences with a diverse audience. 

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Are You an Expectant, Hopeful, New or Old Mom?

Under this segment, we cover all things from fertility issues to childbirth, parenting tips, and wisdom you can apply to raise your kids. 

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