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Movie with a Message: Dr. Strange

Lately, I started watching movies with a little more intent, searching out the underlying message it carries. The film doesn't necessarily have to be faith-based, I take the lessons from it and apply it to my life as I go on this journey to realize my purpose. Now that doesn't mean I watch everything that is thrown my way; I am still very selective about the kinds of entertainment I consume. Movies like Black Panther touch on social injustices and slavery, while films like Wonder Woman, empower women by showing them that they have the power to fight for a cause they believe in.

This takes me back to a scene in Justice League, where wonder woman came to rescue some children, and the bad guys asked her who she was, and she responded "a believer." Of course, that got me all excited as a Christian; it showed me that we have been created to fight for what we believe in. Today the focus is on Dr. Strange! Yes, one of the superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean who doesn't love Marvel studios? They have done so much in the ten years of their existence. Their Journey to prominence is something I admire a lot, and they have gained a fan in me. A few of my favorites are Black Panther (obviously), Thor, Dr. Strange, and The Avengers. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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Now let’s talk about today’s focus. Dr. Stephen Strange was a prominent neurosurgeon at his hospital. He took pride in his intelligence and felt like no one could beat him at his game. When people tried to disagree with his way of doing things, he often proved himself in the end. He was accused of working on cases that only brought him recognition and glory. Although arrogant, he was very successful as a result of his medical abilities. One day Dr. Strange was on his way to an event and was driving his fast car on a very narrow road at high speed.

He was a little distracted by the phone conversation he had when he didn't see an upcoming car that hit him and caused him to skid off the road. As a result, he crashed into multiple things and eventually ended up in water. It was nothing short of a miracle that he survived the crash. He was later discovered and rushed off to the hospital where he worked. He fractured the bones in his hands severely and had to get a surgery done to fix it. In typical Dr. Strange fashion, he told them the particular procedure he wanted to be done, which was going to be too invasive because of the state of his accident.

After multiple surgeries, his hands kept trembling. That frustrated him, as he wanted to go back to work as soon as possible. There was nothing the specialist could do to help him, and they advised him to give his body time to heal. He hated that he had to depend on others for help, so he pushed away those who loved him and wanted to see him do well. His physical therapist soon told him about a guy who was involved in a horrible accident that miraculously got healed. Of course, the doctor had to track the healed man down. The mystery man told him about a sacred place in Nepal, where he found himself and got cured. Dr. Strange wasted no time and spent his last dime on a trip to Nepal to get his healing on.

Although Dr. Strange was on a mission to get healing for his trembling hands, he stumbled upon his purpose. On getting to the temple to meet with the "ancient one," they advised him to forget about everything he knew. But he questioned and doubted everything they did there. Because of his lack of belief, stubbornness, and arrogance, he was cast out of the temple. After much deliberation, they let him back in as they chose to see beyond his superior form. They believed he possessed a unique ability and could be of great use to them, to defeat their enemy.

Since he was a brilliant neurosurgeon, that meant he could comprehend a lot of information and put it into practice. It wasn't a smooth ride for the doctor, but he soon found himself. It wasn't just about getting healed physically, but it was about getting freed mentally and finding his purpose. He learned how to fight while he was there and learned about ancient wisdom. Which later afforded him the ability to be one of the guardians of the infinity stones and also the opportunity to become an Avenger (Avenger: Infinity war).

Lessons Learned

Don’t give up on life after tragedy hits: If Dr. Strange wasn't curious enough to keep searching for his healing, he wouldn't have come across his purpose, which was much more significant than being a neurosurgeon. Although that position was good because he was respected in his community, he needed to come off his high horse and submit to something bigger than him.

Look past your Shortcomings: The doctor was focused on his shaky hands and wanted to do everything within his power to get it right. He felt without his hands; his life was over. It reminds me of the story of Moses in the Bible, when God first reached out to him in Genesis 3, through the burning bush, revealing His purpose for Moses. Which was to deliver the children of Israel from the Egyptians. Moses came up with every excuse in the book, one of them was that he wasn’t eloquent, he was slow of speech and slow of tongue(which was interpreted as him stammering) (Genesis 4:10). God assured him that he should look past that "flaw," and He will be with him.

But Moses still complained, which eventually led God to tell him to go with his brother as an assistant, who will speak for him, even if God wanted Moses to do it for himself. Sometimes, we limit ourselves by our "shortcomings." I am not smart enough, I don't have a degree, I didn't go to the best school, and I am not bold. But God has given us unique abilities regardless of what we think of ourselves to serve a higher purpose. The most interesting thing is that Dr. Strange never got healed from his trembling hands, but he was still able to fight, and whatever weapon he needed, he had to use his hands to create them. Funny how what was meant to destabilize him, actually became his greatest weapon.

Study to show yourself approved: This phrase is taken out of the book of 2 Timothy 2:15 (AMP version). Here Timothy is advised to work and study hard, so he can show God that he takes the thing God has called him to do seriously. Now applying that to Dr. Strange, he studied his butt off, day and night, he wanted to know what ancient history and ancient wisdom was about. He asked questions and was always going to the library to get books.

That was how he became great at what he did. He once asked the ancient one, how he could get from here to there, to which she responded "how did you become a doctor?" and he replied "by studying and practice." He didn't just become a great "sorcerer" by chance; he had to study and work hard to get there (I am in no way promoting sorcery, this is just about this particular movie, so bear with me).

I believe Dr. Strange had to go through a process that humbled him, to realize that there was more to life than just him or his great job. Sometimes, everything you go through in life is leading you to what you were created to do. Once you find it, give yourself entirely to it and make an impact on the world.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Movie with a Message, and you start watching movies with a little bit more intent, to discover the underlying message. What unpleasant curve has life thrown at you? Instead of crying over spilled milk, look for the good in it and move forward. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do, so you never miss an update of exciting content. Thank you all for reading, enjoy the trailer below.

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