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How Do You Know The Bible is True?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

You just know! (kidding!) But seriously, I don’t have any intellectual answers for you today, neither have I spent the last couple of months in seminary, nor am I a Christian apologist, but this topic is one that has come to mind, one too many times for me to simply ignore it any further. I am going to write today hopefully with the help of the Holy Spirit, to tackle this topic, and bring some clarity. So here goes!

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The Bible was written and put together by human beings like you and me, they often say. The people who assembled the Bible had the carte blanche to include, and exclude whatever they deemed fit. So, if the Bible referred to an act as a sin or a total abomination to God, how can one tell that it was truly God speaking? Was Jesus really who the Bible made Him out to be? How can a ‘loving’ God send people to hell? Surely there must be something ‘off’ about this book Christians hold so near and dear to their hearts.

The questions are endless; having multiple transliterations and translations of the same book, doesn’t make the job of defending the Bible as the ultimate truth, any easier. When I watch apologetic videos, I often shiver on the behalf of those defending God’s word as true, because those on the opposing end come loaded with their best ammunition, and how do you successfully argue with people, who come up with their best argument about the word of God, when the word of God is all we have to defend its authenticity?

It is either the Bible, is completely true, or totally false.

The Living Word

Hebrews 4:12 (NKJV) says—“for the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the hearts.”

The word that I want to highlight from the above scripture is living. Unlike any other book which has been written, or will ever be written, none of them is a living being, which is what distinguishes the Bible, from any other book which claims to be the word of God.

And since God’s word is a living being as seen in this passage, we can also confirm as it was written John 1 that God’s word is a person, and that person is Jesus. It is no wonder that He had an answer for every situation that was ever presented to Him, whether in spoken words or in His silence, He was able to poke holes at every argument brought up against Him. Christ was and is still is the embodiment of the word of God, which is the Bible, and as such, it has to be true, that is if He came, died for our sins, and was raised from the dead.

Image courtesy of Pexels

For the intellectuals, the above context might not be enough to prove that the Bible is true, but I am going to share out of my personal experiences, and how I arrived at the fact that God’s word (the Bible) is indeed true.

By the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established (Matthew 18:16)

I remember one night, as I laid on my living room floor in my apartment at the time, while I was deep in sleep, I heard these words in my heart—“He who watches over Israel, neither slumbers nor sleeps.” From the tone, I knew that it had to be the word of God, because who else watches over Israel? Or more importantly, what is my business with the nation of Israel?

Surely, I wasn’t thinking about them the day before. And those words, I had never heard them. So when I woke up that morning, I searched on the internet, to see where they originated from, and behold, situated in Psalm 121 verse 4, were the words I heard in my heart, before I was carted away to dreamland. Why did I hear those particular words in 2013, was God trying to tell me something? How come the words matched up with what was already written in the Bible centuries ago? Could it be that God’s word, the Bible, is alive and true?

Maybe if that happened once, I could brush it under the rug, but that wasn’t the last time. Over the years, I have heard phrases, pop up in my heart whilst asleep, and immediately, woken up to write them down, so they don’t fade into the background. Then I search for them with Google, and I am taken to the part of scripture they have been for thousands of years.

The other day as I pondered this topic, I was reminded of a time when I heard a certain scripture in 2016/2017, again at night, and the scripture was apt to what I was dealing with. But this time around, a few days ago, I couldn’t remember what the words were, although I knew where to find them, I just pushed it off till later.

Fast forward a day or two after, while dreaming at night, in a bid to encourage a young child, (because we were experiencing some difficulties in the dream), I said the exact words to the child—“be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” (Ephesians 6:10.) As soon as I woke up from that dream, I just knew that it was God who brought His words to my remembrance. That experience showed me that even my thoughts are not hidden from Him.

Other times when I hear such words, most times while asleep, it is either one random person on my timeline on social media posts those same words, or a preacher in church might bring up that exact scripture. I will pose a question to the skeptics—was the random person in my sleep or the preacher in my head? I can tell you, the answer is no. God must be real, and because He is, His Word, the Bible, is also true.

Just as the scripture which says—“by the mouth of two and three witnesses, a thing may be established,” I believe God uses different avenues to confirm that the Bible is true.

Oh, how I wish I could share about the things God has been leading me to pray about, and how one day, ‘randomly’ I saw a scripture that was an exact fit for what I was praying about. I was in complete awe when that happened— everything that we need is in the Bible, and God knows all things.

If you have some doubts, this article is meant to make you think about things from a different perspective and not harden your heart towards the things of God and His word. Whether we choose to believe it or not, God’s word remains the standard for truth, today, and even 1000 years to come.

What do you guys think? Leave your comments below, and remember to like, share and subscribe, never to miss an update on Let’s Talk Nation.

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About The Author: Evi Idoghor is a Christian, writer, and content creator on She is also a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Consumed by her love for writing and desire to effect change, she launched her online platform to tap into her creativity and start meaningful conversations that would make a difference around the world.

Most of her writing has been influenced by her time spent in America, where she lived for about 11 years. Also, she lived in Nigeria and South Korea and currently loves traveling the world while learning about other fascinating cultures. You can find her on all social media platforms with @eviidoghor.

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