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Wisdom Weekly: It's Never Too Late

Welcome to a new segment of Let’s Talk Nation, I am always glad when a new section is introduced, that means we are growing, and we have so much information we will like to give to you. Here we work hard at getting incredible content that will not only inspire you but also cause you to step into the life God has for you. We will feature content from lots of amazing people like Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Jay Shetty, Simon Sinek, Will Smith, just to name a few. This part of the website is designed to bring you wisdom that will help shape your lives and nudge you in the right direction.

Today’s feature is a short video by Jay Shetty titled It’s Never Too Late. Have you ever felt that you were lagging behind in life? sometimes it may feel like you are always one step behind everything. Just like the disappointment you feel when you miss a flight or a train, you may think "only if I had gotten out of bed earlier or if only I did not take that route, I would had made it." How many of you have ever felt like giving up on life? I know I have. There are seasons in everyone’s life where drought is experienced. You may feel like you don’t know what to do, everyone else seems to have it together other than you, and you may feel like a failure because of specific deadlines you placed for yourself that you haven’t met. Sometimes we may not be able to control the hand life deals us, but we can always pick ourselves back up and try again. It is never too late.

This video encourages you to start again, to find purpose in whatever you choose to do and to love what you are doing. That is the only way; you can indeed make an impact in the world. Ask yourself these questions, am I looking for a career path that strokes my ego? Or gives me security, or gives me a sense of fulfillment? Can I find purpose in what I am doing?

I have always been more comfortable expressing myself through writing. I’d rather send a text, than have a conversation on the phone, I’d rather pen down my thoughts, than actually talk about them, or write a long paper (Hello College!) than give a live presentation (gosh! Those where heart wrenching!). When I discovered my gift of writing, I sat on it for a while because I was afraid to step out and use my voice, well written words to stand up for the things I believed in. I remember writing about a bunch of things each time, and sending them to a trusted friend to read. She always encouraged me that I was great at it and I just needed to work on my craft more, because the world needs to hear the things I talk about.

Just as Jay points out in the video, I was worried about what people would think, if what I write about will actually make sense and also a difference, or would I even have an audience? I decided to put all of that behind me and just do it! Like Nike famously says. It’s now been two months since I started this platform and the feedback has been incredible. I love what I get to do, and can spend my entire day writing. I get excited when I write, while a sense of fulfillment comes over me. The advice here is for you to discover what your purpose here on earth is, and work that craft so well that you can’t wait to wake up each day to fulfill what God has called you to do here on earth.

"Wisdom is a principal thing, therefore get wisdom" Proverbs 4:7

I came across Jay Shetty about two years ago when a friend of mine, shared a video he posted. Although I can’t remember what the video was about, I know I was intrigued by his accent (don’t call me shallow haha). Jay is of Indian descent, and I love Indians, and an Indian with a British accent is a double + for me. Forget about the physicalities; Jay has incredible wisdom that he shares with the world daily through his social media platforms (@jayshetty on & Jay Shetty on where he has huge followings. His motto is to make wisdom go viral, and I am here for it. Enjoy the video below, and I hope it encourages you.

Jay Shetty's Youtube Page

are you going to do differently, in other to see the change you want? write your thoughts down below, don't forget to subscribe to join the Let's Talk Nation family and I love you all for reading.

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