Our Mission

Letstalknationblog.com is committed to building an online community of believers, who are willing to start and participate in meaningful conversations about everyday life. Such as social issues, relationships, religion, service, and purpose. Our passion is to redefine the status quo in areas we are called to, because we believe God's way is counter-cultural. 

Our Why

Why Community? Because we believe we are stronger together and can make an impact when we have a common vision and goal. Looking for a community of believers? Join us!


Why Relationships? We are all relational beings, and hence we thrive on relationships. At letstalknationblog.com, we believe relationships can make or break you, so we provide people with the necessary tools to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


Why God? Many people are in search of purpose; for a life bigger than themselves. Here we believe that God can give you that purpose and fulfillment, as you discover who you are when you decide to go on a journey with Him. Need some encouragement? Check out our inspirational segment.


Why Short Stories? We love telling stories. We believe there is great power in telling our stories. Also, if we don't share our unique experiences, no one else will. The stories we tell on

this platform, are relatable, uplifting, and exciting. We've found out that people connect more with us when we share our experiences. It makes us feel that we are not alone in a world that is so vast. Our stories, mostly based on real-life experiences, and loaded with life-long lessons, are very entertaining & designed for your enjoyment.


Our Goals

To redefine status quo in areas where necessary

To be excellent in all we do

To help others achieve excellence

To bring about effective change

To always learn & grow

To live out our God-given purpose

To serve our communities

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