Does God Speak to Us? (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Today I continue speaking on the topic of God having a relationship with His children through communication. We all can agree on the fact that the key to a successful, loving, relationship is communication. That is why people are always encouraged to spend time with God, and not be the only one doing all the talking all the time. God wants to speak to you as well; God wants you to hear His voice.

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The first part of this article series explored the ways God speaks to us; because we are all different/unique, the way He talks to person A might be different from the way He speaks to person B. He also doesn’t want it to be a strange phenomenon that He speaks. We are all created in His image, and if we have a mouth and can talk, God has a mouth and can talk as well. Today we are going to explore this topic from a different angle; how do I know that it is God speaking to me?

Now, you guys know this quarantine/stay-at-home/work-from-home has me watching movies every night. I am a movie lover, so I absolutely have no qualms with it. One night, a couple of days ago, the movie—Come Sunday was suggested for me to watch, as I was disinterested in what was playing at the time. It had a great actor playing the starring role (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and it was based on actual events.

So I was like—alright cool, let’s go there! As the story unfolded, it followed the life of a mega-church pastor, who had his church situated in Oklahoma. The church boasted of about 6000 members in attendance for their weekly meetings (according to the movie), and everyone pulled on the pastor from different directions, it seemed that he couldn’t catch a break.

He was burdened with the great commission, which is a mandate Christ gave—“go out to every part of the earth and preach the gospel to all men.” So whatever opportunity he got, whether he was on a plane ride heading somewhere or he found himself at a restaurant, he used that as an avenue to talk to people about God. Which was a great thing, although his family suffered for it because he barely had any time to spend with them. I kept on saying to my fellow movie watcher—you see this is the reason why I can’t marry a pastor (the list of people I cannot marry is long), the responsibility of a pastor and being a pastor’s wife is a lot.

If I get to marry one, I am just going to be like Melania Trump—y’all don’t stress me about this first lady stuff, focus on your leader, no be me create America. It is not an easy venture if God doesn’t call you to the ministry; I think you should think twice before you decide to start one.

So one day, while watching TV, this man of God (MOG as we call them in Nigeria) caught a glimpse of people in Rwanda who were dying from the genocide.

He was bothered by the fact that there was a possibility that they never heard of Christ, and now they were going to die and end up in hell. (If you are not a Christian, the bible says that anyone who does not receive Christ would spend eternity separate from God, in hell.) That bothered him a lot that these seemingly good people who did not have any control over their situation, were just going to die off, and then get tormented for eternity.

Then he said the million-dollar phrase—“God spoke to me.” You know when you hear this from someone, you have to be careful about what they say, then evaluate for yourself as the bible says; test the spirit, to see if what the person is saying is true. He went ahead to reveal that God said all those people were not going to perish, but spend eternity with Him in heaven. He then used passages of scripture to support his claim that Jesus died for everyone; both the Christian and non-Christian alike (which is true), and that if Jesus died for everyone, then everyone was going to make it to heaven one day, and in fact, hell was non-existent.

As he shared his new findings with his congregation, most people got up and left, understandably so. This eventually led him to lose his church, and he ventured off to a completely different path from what he normally preached, which is the doctrine of Christian Universalism. This simply means that “all sinful and alienated human souls, because of divine love and mercy, will ultimately be reconciled with God.” (Wikipedia)

I will be honest with you guys, I was upset and at the same time, devastated. I kept wondering—if you were beginning to question your faith, why didn’t you take some time off and figure out what was going on? The funny thing is that he is not the first to veer off under the guise of—God spoke to me. There were many before him, and many after him. As long as the world remains in existence, people will continue to buy into the lie of the enemy.

How then do people know that it isn’t God speaking?

God’s voice will always match up with His word.

This man was so convinced that he heard the voice of God. As it pertains to the children dying due to the genocide, he only assumed that the people of Rwanda were not believers. If they were not, we will never know if God revealed Himself to them before they died. In that regard, they might be very much present with Him in heaven.

Like the story of the rich man and the poor man Lazarus, found in the bible, were Lazarus suffered till the very end of his life and ended up in heaven and the rich man in hell. Lazarus was comforted for everything he had to endure in this life. So if God spoke to this man saying that the people of Rwanda, who lost their lives in such a brutal way, are now in heaven, that may not be far from the truth.

The issue I had with his revelation was that he then concluded that there was no hell. There was one point in the movie when he was talking to his pianist who was gay and said, “just because there is no hell, does not mean I condone sin.” But there are many passages in scripture that support the fact that hell indeed exists.

Although not originally created for humans, but unfortunately if people reject Christ, the result is eternal separation from God in hell. I thought to myself that if everyone was “good” then why did we need Christ to die? Why do we have to share the gospel? Why is there a set of guidelines in the Bible on how we should live our lives? We might as well do what we want; everyone is going to end up in heaven anyway.

If you want to know if the voice you are hearing is that of God, measure it against the Bible, the word of God, does it match? If it does, then it is God. If it doesn’t, then it cannot be God. God will never say anything to you and me that doesn’t correlate with His word. It is that simple. That was the same trap Adam and Eve fell into in the book of Genesis; God spoke to them telling them not to eat from a particular tree, and then here comes this serpent, questioning what the Creator had told them, and they fell for it, and here we are today in this mess (But thank God for Jesus).

I know there are other arguments about the contents of the Bible if it was truly God-inspired, and if those who compiled it did it out of selfish ambition; leaving out what they wanted to, including what they felt was right. Well, it is also written that out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word is established. God will always speak His word to you, and then confirm it via other means.

That is how I know that this God is true and His word is also true. He reveals something to me, I go to Google (because I don’t have all the scriptures memorized in my head, sorry), then I find scripture that supports the word He gave me. There is also a possibility that when I go to church, my pastor reiterates that same thing, or I see someone post about it on social media, while busy scrolling away. Those are some of the ways God lets us know that His word (the Bible) is true. God holds His word in such high regard that He says in Matthew 24:35—“heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will never pass away.”

People fall prey to the enemy’s tactics after he has worked on them for a while. He starts by getting you to begin to question some things, and then eventually he hits you with the hard one, the one that causes you to abandon everything that you know and chart a different path. Paul in Galatians 5:7-9 while addressing the people of Galatia said—“You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth? It certainly isn’t God, for He is the One who called you to freedom. This false teaching is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough!” (NLT)

This scripture sums it all up for the story of the Pastor; he began his race well, and then got deceived along the way by the enemy. As much as it is a fantastic thing to hear the voice of God, let us also have it at the back of the mind that it is not only God who speaks to us. We have to learn to discern the voices that pop up in our heads. We have to pray for discernment, the ability to decipher if the voice we are hearing is that of God, our voice, or the deceptive voice of the enemy.

PS- This is not in any means saying I am perfect and don’t fall short even daily, we are all on a journey and in dire need of God’s mercies. That is why the bible says His mercies are new every morning. But I just have to speak the truth so we can be aware of the enemy’s tactics.

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