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What Are The Warning Signs of a Failing Relationship?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Written by Evi Idoghor, Creator of

The topic of relationships is one that is open-ended. With each passing day, people get in and out of relationships making it the most common thread that connects humanity together.

Now, if you happen to be in a relationship that no longer feels like home, thoughts of doubts might begin trickling into your mind as you ponder if this is the beginning of the end.

In today’s article, we will explore the signs to look out for, to determine if your relationship is heading for the rocks.

1) Communication is at an all-time low: this is usually a huge indicator of a failing relationship, especially when your communication game was strong. If your lover no longer puts in the necessary effort to call or even text you and fails to respond to your efforts, then it is a sign that something has gone awfully wrong.

However, before you go jumping the gun on this one, have a sit-down conversation with your partner; they just might be dealing with something personal.

2) You argue all the time: if for some reason your partner looks for any opportunity to have an argument with you, then something is dead wrong. He might be looking for a way to frustrate you into calling it quits. If your partner nitpicks everything you say and is quick to judge you in a condescending manner, then they just might no longer be that into you.


3) They come up with excuses as to why you can’t spend quality time together: it’s the weekend and you have been looking forward to spending time with your beau all week. All of a sudden they are nowhere to be found—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Hmmm, that is definitely a cause for concern. If your boyfriend is always looking for a way out and is seen spending time with other people, then your relationship might just be heading for the rocks.

I remember when my Ex-boyfriend would leave me at home to do fun things with his ‘friends,’ initially I didn’t think too much into it.

But when things went south, there was definitely more to the story than just a mere hangout I was excluded from. So, if you are being excluded from fun things regularly, then something if off.

4) They exclude you from their plans: if there ever was a time in your relationship where you both made plans together, were considerate of each other before you made a decision, then the lack of these can also indicate a kink in the relationship. If they keep doing their “own thing,” and never get you involved; your relationship is beginning to fail.

5) You are not as close as you used to be: now if y’all are no longer friends; you no longer share secrets, dreams, goals, disappointments, or hurts, you are certainly drifting apart. One of the key elements which makes a relationship enjoyable is the friendship factor. If that is lost, then the relationship bond is broken.

6) You don’t do fun things anymore: every weekend used to be your time to hang out and catch up on what has been happening all week. You once enjoyed each other’s company—going to the cinema, enjoying ice-cream together, playing board games, and whatever else you both loved to do. However, it has now become a chore to do so.

You frown when you see his name pop-up on your phone screen, you delay responding to his texts, every little thing he does is upsetting (and vice-versa.) This is also an indicator that love has left the building.

I remember when I was once sick and tired of a boyfriend, and everything he did was so annoying to me. I did not want him to take me out, buy me gifts, or visit me. I wanted out but did not know how to communicate that to him without hurting his feelings. When a person has checked out of a relationship, they begin to exhibit such characteristics.

All these signs listed above are clear indicators that the ultimate thing, love, is now absent from your relationship, hence, it begins falling apart. Nonetheless, the good news is that it can be worked on.

If you know that you do not want to lose your partner, then it is advised that you have an honest conversation with him, letting him know how you truly feel. If he is willing to work on the issues, fine, if not it just might be time to kiss that failing relationship good-bye.


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